The Orange Mud Adventure Project Finalist

 Orange Mud Adventure Project

Our finalists have been simply amazing! Thanks to all who entered, and we're so sorry we couldn't be a part of every journey.

Adventure is at the very heart of our brand here at Orange Mud. We're honored and thankful that so many of you put our gear to work day after day training and racing all over the world. Thanks for all you do to inspire us! 

With almost 200 submissions, and most every submission being incredible, sorting out the top was very tough. We narrowed it down to 42 and from there it simply came down to size of project, logistics, creative, uniqueness and a handful of other variables. Please read through all of our Adventure athletes by clicking on the orange links below, and stay tuned as there will be many blogs, podcast, pics, videos and more as the year unfolds!

Top 3:

Jen Merchant - Triple Crown of 200's. 

Running 100 miles is hard, running 200 is super hard, and running 3 200 mile+ events in a year is nuts. This is why we love this awesome lady! 

Aaron Flynn - The Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge

Aaron is heading to Hong Kong to tackle all four of the ultra-distance trails. This is without aid stations, pacers, or support of any kind. 

Josh Grant - Running from Badwater to Telescope to Badwater

Josh's quest is considered to be one of the most difficult single day endeavors possible within the Continental United States. This is a non-stop run and scramble for 42 miles and an estimated 24k of elevation gain from -282 feet below sea level to 11,049 above. 

Honorable Mention

Carla Molinaro - Running 11,000km from London to Johannesburg

Yes, you read that right, London to Johannesburg. 11,000 of flat out awesomeness! 

Rachel Sklar - The Infinite Journey of the Human Soul on Fire

Racing from sea to summit, all over the world, on an epic 5000km journey. 

Jared Blank - World Marathon Challenge

The World Marathon Challenge is 7 marathons, in 7 days on 7 continents; 183 miles for the week and roughly 50 hours of travel. The race begins in Antartica and finishes in Miami Florida. This is the first year that finishes in the United States.

Walter Chinchilla - Multi-day running tour of Costa Rica

Walter was at one point 263 lbs. After picking up running he began to change not only his life, but that of his lovely wife as well. 

Sunny Bhanawala - The Hell Ultra 

480kms on Toughest & Highest Highway in the World. The Hell Ultra is a brutal endurance race in the Indian Himalayas. 

Jeff Rowthorn - Mid-Life Races: 40 Races for my 40th Year

Jeff doesn't just start a new decade, he is doing 40 races to commemorate his 40th year! 

Andrew Wetterer - Midwest Super Slam

We're a big fan of the midwest here at Orange Mud and seeing Andrew tackle this is very exciting to say the least! 


What is the Adventure Project? 

Adventure is at the heart of Orange Mud. Your passion is what fuels our drive, designs, and energy to explore. For 2018, we’re looking for some special adventures to follow and would love to help make your adventure come true. Tell us about your plans and if selected, we'll help get you there.

A primary goal is to create a film. If you have film experience let us know. Or if you already have a film crew, even better. We have some crews that we know well too, and hooking you up with some gopro's and such is an option as well. We really want to film your journey, so if you're going big, let's chat. 

Orange Mud Adventure Project