Adventure Project - Jeff Rowthorn - Mid-Life Races: 40 Races for my 40th Year

Jeff Rowthorn

Adventure Project: Mid-Life Races: 40 Races for my 40th Year

Adventurer: Jeff Rowthorn


North America (primarily in Canada but includes races in New York, and Texas)

Project Scope:

Mid-Life Races: 40 Races for my 40th Year.   In 2018 I will turn 40.  Honestly, I don’t know how it happened.  It snuck up on me and it attacked my knees, my back, and my midsection.  However, I’m not going down without a fight.  I’m not going to get a sports car (that’s not my style and wouldn’t fit our 6 kids) and I won’t start wearing a leather jacket or get a new tattoo (ok, I’ll most definitely get a new tattoo but not because I’m 40).  My mid-life crisis is coming in a different form and I’m calling it my mid-life races.  Here it is: 40 races for my 40th trip around the sun.  Wait!  There’s more.  I’m also going to race with something that is foreign to me: complete transparency.  I’m going to set goals and share them.  Real goals and complete honesty.  No downplaying and no excuses. I’m excited to have the opportunity to travel, run new trails, and meet new people. Most of the races will be new to me; some excite me beyond words and others terrify me.  Hopefully there will be some good moments to share and there will certainly be plenty of ‘crash-and-burn’ moments. 

What this means to me:

This is a meaningful endeavour for me because I know that it is going to require me to use all of the skills and knowledge that I have gained over the past 7 years of racing.  I will need to be very disciplined- not only to train and race hard, but to also know when to not race hard to ensure that I can endure the entire year without significant injuries.  This year is about exploration.  I’m excited to travel to new places and race exciting events where every treacherous climb and spectacular view is new to me.  I’m looking forward to meeting new people, hearing their stories of adventure, and connecting with them through a sport that we share a love for.  I feel honoured to have the support of so many people- friends, family, the students that I teach, and people that I don’t even know who have reached out to offer encouragement. The fact that I also have the support of Orange Mud is the cherry on top.  40 races will certainly give me the opportunity to try out some new gear in addition to my assortment of Orange Mud “go-to favourites”.


January 2018- December 2018

Gear Requirements:

This year I will be racing 5ks, 100 milers, and everything in-between.  Some of my races have a lot of support, whereas other races will require me to be far more self-sufficient with a long list of required gear items that I must have at all times. I will also be flying thousands of miles and camping along the way.  In other words, my gear requirements are quite significant and I would love the opportunity to try out whatever gear you recommend.

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