Trail and Ultra Running Hydration Vest Packs

Mud is in our name for a reason, let’s tackle some trails!

Mud is in our name for a reason! At Orange Mud, we embrace the grit that comes with running. No matter where you go, with our trail running vest, you’ll have the hydration necessary for every adventure.


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Ultra Running Hydration Backpacks and Vest Packs

Are you ready to conquer the trails with our trail running hydration vest? Orange Mud has the perfect hydration pack for trail running or multi-day expeditions. Our PFV is perfect for those short runs, keeping your essentials compact and close.

The Adventure Pack is a trail backpack for running enthusiasts worldwide. Choose from a 12L or 20L capacity. The interior has three compartments. The first is the bladder pocket, which holds a 2L bladder but can also hold a 3L. The second is the main cargo for bulky gear, and the third is for light jackets. It’s the ultimate trail running hydration backpack.

Lightweight Trail Running Vests for Maximum Performance

When performance matters, our hydration vest for trail running delivers. If you like running fast, racing OCR, or riding light, the minimalist design of the PFV pack is a great option. It ensures you stay nimble while carrying the essentials: phone, fluid, and more. The Adventure Packs have unmatched storage and hydration solutions for those pushing their limits.

Looking for even more options? Our Gear Vest (1L bladder) and Endurance Pack (2L bladder) are perfect for intermediate runs, offering balanced hydration and storage. If you're not a fan of bladders, our HydraQuiver series with 24oz bottles provides flexibility and convenience. Orange Mud's trail running hydration packs are designed to keep you at peak performance.

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