Adventure Project - The Hell Ultra - Sunny Bhanawala

Sunny Bhanawala

Adventure Project: The Hell Ultra - 480kms on the Toughest & Highest Highway in the World. 

Adventurer: Sunny Bhanawala


Manali - Leh, India

The planned route is to run 480 Kms in a single stage from Manali to Leh (India).  Link of the detailed route is annexed for your reference 

    Project Scope:

    I have never explored the Northern India and always wanted to explore it on the run. Manali to Leh is extremely scenic and eye soothing.  I got to know of the second edition of the Hell Ultra in 2017 but I needed time to prepare & had pinned the third edition on my to do list. On finishing 8 ultra marathons and winning two 100 Miles races in 2017, I am confident to embrace this project. The Hell Ultra is tough nut to crack due to its high altitude and harsh weather. The highest altitude is 5343m (average altitude is 4000m), with an elevation gain of 9350m covering 5 mountains passes.  Oxygen levels dip to 40% - 60% on the passes. The weather conditions are extreme with temperatures dipping to -10 degrees at night and up to 30 degrees at day. A cold desert will be the playground, bare mountain faces; thinner air; beautiful Himalayan Rivers & streams will form part of the race layout. Most significantly, one has only 120 hours to accomplish this alluring “Hell” task! A mobile motor vehicle will accompany me with two crew members (from the race organizers team) throughout. Safety and medical aid has been adequately arranged throughout the race. No Indian has accomplished The Hell Ultra, so I am really optimistic to set a milestone and progress into my fitness journey.

    What this means to me:

    I believe the person I will be at the end of this project will be different than the person I would be at the beginning. This epic journey is about doing something that I have never done before. Embracing uncertainty. Enjoying the challenge of the unknown. Relishing the prospect of new experiences. The pursuit of expanding my own boundaries, pushing past my comfort zone. Heading off into tough terrains and exciting places and trying to challenge myself physically and mentally.  For me this event is more than just grit but to learn optimally. With this project I want to inspire and motivate people to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Running is about getting vagabonded, grind it out every day!


    The entire program for the event is scheduled from 16th June to 24th June 2018. Race Day Flag off is on the 18th June 2018. Detail link is annexed for your reference The race cut off is 120 hours. I plan to reach the finish point between 113 to 115 hours.

    Web links

    The Hell Race - Youtube 

    Hell Race - Website

    Gear Requirements:

    Sr.No. Prefered Orange Mud Gear 
    1 Adventure Pack 12L
    2 Transition and seat wrap
    3 Running water bottle handheld  hydration pack
    4 Polartech adventure jacket
    5 High Performance Light weight Athletic shirt
    6 Strechy running shirt
    7 Orange Mud Thermal
    8 Bamboo arm warmer
    9 6" Merino wool socks
    10 Multifunctional Headwear
    11 Logo Athletic Beanie
    Sr.No. Mandatory Gear as per the Race Guideline
    1  Long Sleeve Thermal Top and Long Leg Thermal Pants
    2  Beanie or Balaclava or Equivalent
    3  Face mask
    4  Fleece for cold conditions
    5 Cap/Hat for face, neck protection from sun
    6 Whistle
    7 Reflective Vests
    8 5-6 red LED blinking lights
    9 Head lamp with extra batteries
    10 Water & Wind proof outer shell
    11 Down jacket or any other insulation outerwear for protection in cold conditions
    12 Spare running shoes. You are required to cross water streams at few locations, a change of shoe might be needed in case one gets wet
    13  Spare running socks
    14 Sun glasses – with adequate UV, sand & wind protection