About Us - What’s up with the name - Orange Mud? Josh here, co-founder and designer of our gear. I've logged countless hours in the outdoors over the years and had tons of frustration with many hydration packs and gear purchased new. Modifying them sometimes helped, but so many times they just didn't work right. So one day, I figured we might as well make our own. Well that was in 2012, and thankfully we can say it's been a fun ride ever since!

Our company started with the hydration pack first. The concept came about after a fun day of exercise and hydration frustration. So I went into the garage and destroyed a gun holster, tie down strap, and waist pack to build our first HydraQuiver Single Barrel prototype. After a little jog with the pack I realized it was a solid concept, so I came back to tell my wife we're starting a company, it will probably cost about $50k for the first year and worst case we'll have 2 packs perfectly designed for us worth $25k each. Oh yeah, we need a name and I'd love to put my middle name, Clay, in it.

My wife wouldn't let me name our first boy Clay despite my request, so I told her I'd turn it into our company name somehow. Unfortunately I couldn't get anything to sound right with Clay, so looking back at my Kansas roots, mud was a norm of life, so Clay turned to Mud and I've always liked the color Orange so the two came together and boom! Orange Mud! The funny part is that night I bought about 30 domain names, from that we may someday have a vineyard, a custom bike building company, a vodka distillery, and as of September of 2019 we created www.sevenclay.com which is our embroidery, screen print and laser engraving business! 

Philosophy - At Orange Mud it's very simple, make the most efficient, well crafted gear. We have a lot of ideas but realize that we may not be the sharpest tools in the shed. If there is something that you always thought would be awesome, let us know. Maybe we'll turn the idea into reality. 

Thanks from the Orange Mud team!