Hiking Hydration Packs: Stay Refreshed

Discover the thrill of hiking with our exciting range of hydration packs, meticulously designed to enhance your outdoor adventures. Our innovative packs are engineered with performance in mind. Do you like to fast pack or run every once in a while? Yet hike and have an easy stroll during other times? The Adventure Pack 12L and 20L are built to ensure you love both actions! Stay hydrated with Orange Mud! 


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Perfect Accessory for Hiking Adventurers!

Our hiking waist packs are the perfect accessory for any hiking enthusiast. Designed with adventure in mind, these waist packs for hiking offer the ideal combination of storage and hydration.

The Adventure Pack 20L is perfect for those longer treks, while the 12L pack is great for shorter excursions. These packs have everything you need, with features like secure zippered pockets for your maps, headlamps, and compartments for soft flasks and water bottles.

Comfortable and versatile, they ensure you can easily carry all your essentials. Elevate your hiking experience with Orange Mud’s hydration packs for hiking.

Shop High-Quality Hydration Waist Packs for Your Next Hike

Get ready for your next hike with our high-quality hiking hydration packs. At Orange Mud, we offer top-notch waist packs for hiking that cater to all your hydration and storage needs. The Adventure Pack series provides ample space, comfort, and durability for outdoor adventures.

With secure compartments for your gear and easy access to hydration, each hydration waist pack for hiking is built for efficiency and convenience. Whether you need a pack for a short hike or a long-distance trail run, our hydration packs for hiking are designed to perform.

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