Adventure Project - The Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge - Aaron Flynn

Aaron Flynn

Adventure Project: The Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge

Adventurer: Aaron Flynn

Location: Hong Kong

Project Scope: The Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge consists of running 298k (185mi) covering all four of the ultra-distance trails in Hong Kong. (Maclehose Tail 100k, Wilson Trail 78k, Hong Kong Trail 50k, Lantau Trail 70k). There are no aid stations, pacers, or support of any kind allowed while traversing each trail. You must rely on shops, public parks, and streams for water and food. In between each trail however you are allowed to have a crew support you and while you transport between the trails heads using taxi, subway, and ferry.

Why am I doing this?:

In a word... exploration. Navigating trails I’ve never been on, through a city I haven’t been to, being self sufficient in the process. There's no ribbons to follow, no outside support along the way, and no medal at the finish. Just a frighteningly demanding route to traverse by foot. It will push my ability and limitations to go further in a single effort than I have gone before. The challenge is definitely a big part of what attracts me. But the compulsion to discover is what I can't leave alone.

Timeline: The HK4UTC begins on Feb 19. The goal is to complete the journey in 60 hours. If I can’t make it in 60 hours I will still attempt to finish as a 75 hour ‘survivor’. 

Gear Requirements: 

This is a balance between comfort and weight. The goal is to be minimal but self-sufficient.

OM Adventure Pack, 2L bladder, Katadyn Beefree water filter with 0.6L soft flask, Spot Device (required during the event), iPhone, Anker portable phone battery, ziplock to keep phone dry, Fenix handheld flashlight, backup headlamp, extra batteries, wet wipe for when nature calls, go pro session to document the journey

--- I have never used poles but am strongly considering the Black Diamond Z pole for this endeavor...


Hong Kong will be hot and humid with the possibility of tropical rainstorms so I want to minimize chaffing and maximize cooling.

Running shorts (Nike Distance or North Face BTN), lightweight running T, arm sleeves for layer-able warmth, OM Adventure jacket, long sleeve tech shirt, 2 buffs, lightweight gloves, hat, socks (whichever ones are clean at the time), Altra MT Kings


I'm pretty basic when it comes to food. Will carry enough to cover 10-20 miles at a time and supplement with whatever I can buy en route from noodle shops, 7 elevens, etc. 

Larabars (my go to trail snack), PROBAR almond butter packets, Trader Joe's olive packets (thanks for the idea @travelsandtrails), Tailwind