Have you ever wondered how to properly wash a backpack? Our packs are built tough, so the washing machine isn't so bad on the actual pack integrity as it is the reflective media that we use on the pack and the waterproof coating that is on the material. The same goes for many hydration packs on the market. So here is what we suggest. 

Option 1: Preferred

Summary: Hand wash in lukewarm water with scent free detergent using the following steps:

  • Fill a sink or bucket with lukewarm water.
  • Add "Scent Free" detergent. This is more for you than the hydration pack. Skin sensitivity can increase during exercise where the good smelly detergents may cause extra irritation.
  • Hand agitate, squeezing out the back panel, other foam areas, straps, etc. 
  • Rinse.
  • Repeat if necessary.
  • Yes you will be surprised at how much dirt and gunk come out of the pack!
  • Hang to dry.

Option 2: Not ideal. Can reduce the life of the pack and can be hard on the reflective materials. Some machines are pretty safe, some with a "delicate" setting are not so delicate! 

  • Wash on delicate cycle in a delicate mesh bag, cold with scent free detergent. 
  • Just a fair warning, washing machines are very very very very hard on packs. Even delicate cycle settings vary by machine. It's always best to hand wash! 

  • Hang dry.

 Using these steps will ensure a very long life for your backpack or hydration pack. Enjoy!