Orange Mud Adventure Channel Podcast

Orange Mud Adventure Channel Podcast

The goal of the Orange Mud Adventure and Endurance Channel is to highlight the most amazing race directors, athletes, nutritionist, trainers, and influencers in the endurance community. A heavy focus will be on the trail and ultra running, mountain biking, adventure racing, and triathlon distances. We're a bit nerdy here about all these disciplines, and can't wait to interview a lot of our favorite people, and learn from their experiences. If you know of someone that you'd like to be on the podcast, please reach out on our contact page and let us know! Links below, but also syndicated on iTunes, Google Play, Libsyn, Stitcher, and Tunein.

Episode 1: Paul Jesse, race director, Off Road Pursuits

Episode 2: Ultrarunning athlete and world record holder Zach Bitter

Episode 3: Dirty Kanza 200 race director Jim Cummins and Lelan Dains

Episode 4: Scott Mills, San Diego 100 race director and ultrarunning legend

Episode 5: Craig Thornley, Western States 100 executive director

Episode 6: Nickademus Hollon, ultrarunner, coach, and endurance expert

Episode 7: Live 3/30. Rob Goyen, Trail Racing Over Texas race director

Episode 8: Live 4/6. Angie Asche, sports nutritionist

Episode 9: Coming soon. Dirtbag Runners Co-Founder, Crista Scott

Episode 10: Coming soon. Primal Quest race director, Maria Burton

Episode 111: Coming soon. Robyn Benicasa, World Champion Adventure Racer, Speaker, and one of the toughest women on the planet (the most tough in our opinion)!

Episode 12: Coming soon. Ken Chlouber and Merilee Maupin, founders of the Leadville race series

Episode 13: Coming soon. Jason Easter, Wish Runner Project 

Episode 14: Coming soon. Rachel Ragona, ultrarunning all around amazing athlete

Episode 15: Coming soon. Todd Sadow, Epic Rides founder