Orange Mud "Challenge" Head Band released!

The Challenge Headband by Orange Mud is our newest product that showcases a finely engineered look and twist on the traditional headband. First pick your headband, or a bunch of them, then pick your patch to go with it. Are you doing your first 13.1 but have your sights on a 26.2? Buy both patches. Works great as a wrist band too if you want to mix it up. 

All headbands purchased online come with an Orange Mud logo patch already included. If you want something different like 50k, Trail, Ultra, 26.2, 100 mile or whatever tickles your fancy, just pull off the velcro backed patch and add a different one! 

Challenge Head Band by Orange Mud

100 Mile Joe, running long for a good cause

Checkout the video below about 100 mile Joe, the music professor running 100 miles to help raise scholarship money for french horn students. Great job Joe! Joe's even sporting the HydraQuiver Double Barrel pack which we of course appreciate!

Interested in helping the cause? Donate here

100 Mile Joe


Ray Runs: HydraQuiver Running Pack Review

First off, Ray is a beast of a great runner, a genuinely good dude, and a blogging mad man. That's what we like about him. We have been pumped to bring Ray on as an ambassador to Orange Mud and appreciate his detailed review of our pack! 

Review below, posted 1-25-14, compliments of 

Have you ever noticed that there are, or seem to be, a hundred new running products coming out with each passing year? New shorts that will make you run more efficiently, shirts that will cause less chafing. Shoes that will make you run like a gazelle, etc etc. We all buy into this hype because we want to believe the hype is real. Everyone has their favorite, and everyone's favorite is the best. Especially when it comes to hydration packs. Go to Twitter, Facebook, or any running site and this topic can get heated. Thus is why I sit back and scour reviews, products, and companies before I buy into more

  Ray Runs: Hydraquiver Running Pack Review

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentines Day Gift GuideNo Cheapskates Allowed: 10 Gifts Worth Every Penny

Thanks to Laura Underwood of Sweet Relish for posting this fun little article about some rock solid gifts. We're pumped that she chose to list us too!

"Transition & Seat Wrap from Orange Mud - $39.95
Why To Splurge: This. Is. Genius. The Orange Mud transition wrap allows athletes and outdoorsmen to change out of muddy or sweaty clothes without fear of flashing surrounding strangers. If a change of clothes isn’t handy, the wrap will cover up dirty gear and protect car seats from getting soiled." Valentines Day Gift Guide


February 01, 2014 — Josh Sprague

Sweet Relish: 5 Weight Loss Tricks to Keep You on Track in 2014

Sweet Relish: 5 Weight Loss Tricks To Keep You On Track In 2014

Thanks to Sweet Relish for posting about our hydration pack called the HydraQuiver Double Barrel, as well as some other fun gear! 

"Drink more water – Sugary drinks account for a surprising number of calories in our diets. Skip the sweetened beverage and grab water instead. Our bodies are over 60% water, and that water is continually used. Replacing water with water is much healthier than replacing water with soda. When we exercise, our body’s need for water increases. If you are working out and thirsty, you are already dehydrated, so be sure to take plenty of water with you. The Sweet Relish Hook-Up: The HydraQuiver from Orange Mud makes hydration easy. Rather than bouncing around, this water carrier stays put using smooth webbing and elastic zipper pulls. Now, there’s no excuse for dehydration." 

No bounce hydration, the ideal solution for your running adventure!

Looking to upgrade your hydration pack collection? Checkout the HydraQuiver for no bounce ultra light running pack awesomeness! 

No Bounce Hydration The Ideal Solution For Your Running Adventure!


Sweet Relish: Winter Necessities, with the inclusion of the Orange Mud Wrap

Ray Runs Long HydraQuiver hydration pack review

HydraQuiver review from Grant

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January 21, 2014 — Josh Sprague

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