Leadman Training Gear

Congratulations on tackling Leadman! Orange Mud is a proud sponsor of the event and we're competing in it too. Well, competing might not be the correct word, we're shooting to finish. We want to make sure you have the best shot to do so as well, and would like to help with getting you the right gear to cross the finish line. Below are the items we'd suggest. 

1. Orange Mud Endurance Pack or HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2. Both packs are great and hold your phone, gels, back up nutrition, electrolytes, and layers. If you're looking for something that is bladder based, the Endurance Pack is incredible. It's the shortest 2L bladder pack on the market, and performs equally well in both the run and ride. Available with and without the trekking pole hardware. The HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2 is fantastic for the run as it holds 2 25oz bottles in the back, and plenty of essentials on the shoulders and the chest pockets. Quick refills are amazing with this pack, and so is managing fluids. 

2. Transition and Seat Wrap. This is a changing towel and seat cover in one. Plus it doubles as a regular towel when in a pinch. It's the perfect tool for covering your seat post excercise, and making the awkward parking lot deck changes less awkward. 

3. Modular Gym and Tri Bag. The last gym bag you'll ever need, and perfectly designed for carrying run and riding gear. 

4. Multifunction headwear. This is a simple, but essential piece. When wearing your helmet it helps to keep the sweat out of your eyes during the day, and cushions the weight of a headlamp if you ride at night. It's great for the run too for managing sweat, but also for giving a cushion from the headlamp on your head at night.

5. Arm Coolers/Warmers. These things rock and are brand new for us. The ice pockets work great for a slow trickle cool to your body, but double as warmers when the temperatures start to dip. 

6. Technical Running Visor. Keep the sun out of your eyes and sweat off your brow! 

7. Adventure Jacket. Perfect for chilly rides, and cold nighttime runs. 

8. Gear Vest. Designed for speed and a minimal footprint. 

9. Adventure Pack, 12L. Perfect for the long unsupported training rides and runs, or for carrying extra layers when the weather is brutal. 

Want to learn more about Leadman? Checkout our Leadman podcast with Ken and Merilee! Podcast here. Leadman Training Program here too. 




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