Episode 9: Ken Chlouber and Merilee Maupin

Leadville Founders and Legends in Ultrarunning: Ken and Merilee

Welcome to another episode on the Orange Mud Endurance Channel! Paul Jesse, Sales Manager at Orange Mud, and myself, Josh Sprague, Founder and CEO of Orange Mud, will be here your host today. We’re super excited to have founders, Ken Chlouber and Merilee Maupin of the Leadville Race Series. These two amazing characters had us smiling through the entire recording. What started as a goal to bring tourism to Leadville has still been widely achieved, but even more, they are giving back to their community in more ways than just summer traffic. 

For those that don’t know, the Leadville Race Series consists of a 100 mile endurance run, 100 mile endurance ride, 10k trail run, heavy half marathon, trail marathon, 50 mile trail run, and a 50 mile bike. The Leadville Trail 100 Run is what started it all, and is an ultramarathon held annually that traverses the trails and dirt roads near Leadville, Colorado. Founded in 1983, runners this ultra climb and descend almost 16k feet in elevations ranging from 9,200 to 12,620 feet. Generally the completion rate is less than 50% within the 30 hour time limit. Needless to say, it’s a tough event.

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