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Everything You Need To Know About Cycling Hydration

Whether you are going for a long weekend, preparing for a big race, or cruising around the neighborhood with your family, it is important that you keep yourself sufficiently hydrated during your bike rides.

When you ride, your body loses fluids as you sweat and you are probably losing more water than you realize. Dehydration can greatly affect your form and performance. Proper hydration during a ride can help you successfully finish the ride you started.

Here are some hydration tips and a little knowledge about proper cycling hydration that you need to know.

How much water do you need to drink

There are ways to know if you are drinking enough water or if you’re in need of more hydration but, in general, most people let their thirst be their guide. It is recommended to drink about 12 ounces of water before a ride, but it depends on your needs. For example, riding in hotter temperatures or at a higher-intensity, you need to drink more regularly to stave off dehydration. Aside from thirst, you can check your urine color or sweat loss to know if you’re well-hydrated or not.


When and how should you hydrate yourself

While pre and post-ride are important, it is equally important that you keep yourself well-hydrated throughout the day. You can drink a full glass of water 15-30 minutes before the ride or 500ml of fluid 1-2 hours before cycling. During the ride, drink enough water to match your rate of sweating and replenish your lost fluids. Post-ride, see how you are feeling and, again, check your urine color. If it is dark yellow, drink more water! 


What is the best way to hydrate during cycling

For shorter and low-intensity rides, water can provide all the hydration that you need. However, it still depends on what your body needs. If you will be cycling for a longer duration and with more rigorous intensity, you should consider having a sports or energy drink that will replenish both water and electrolytes that your body lost. 

Remember to drink enough and let your body be your guide! And, before riding your bike, make sure that you have a durable hydration pack to carry your essentials and fluids while you’re on the trail. Check out Orange Mud for more cycling and outdoor activity needs!