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Every Beginner Mountain Biker Needs To Know

Mountain biking is an extremely  fun and exciting way to experience nature and get that adrenaline pumping. Most people mountain bike as a form of exercise or as a sport. It gives you a new challenge and a different kind of high. While, it is exhilarating, it can also be overwhelming - especially for a beginner like you. There are so many things to learn along your journey to becoming a mountain biker and just like any sport or hobby, the more times you ride, the better you’ll become. This guide will give you some tips that every beginner mountain biker should know:

Know your bike setup.

No matter how old or new the mountain bike is that you ride, make sure that you set it up properly for your weight and height. Most local bike shops offer bike fittings to help ensure your bike is suited to your build, which includes proper seat height. Not only will  a proper fit make your ride more comfortable, it will also help build your  confidence while navigating trails. 

Additionally, make sure you double-check your tire pressure, brake settings, and the suspension of your bike’s front fork and rear shock.

Keep your body loose and springy.

Remaining agile in the seat is easier said than done, especially along trail obstacles, but to help achieve a smooth ride you have to keep your body loose and relaxed so you can focus on the route ahead . Just look at where you want to go and fixate on that. A pro tip from professional mountain bikers is to stand up rather than sit down when you are pedaling or going downhill. This will give you more flexibility to maneuver and greater control of your bike.

Mind your speed and momentum.

Most crashes for beginner mountain bikers happen because they don’t have enough speed. Of course, you should rely on your brakes but going a little faster and finding your momentum will help you overcome challenging drops and jumps. Practice will help build your confidence  to ride at full speed.

Ready to take on your first trail? Make sure that you’re fully equipped with a hydration pack to keep you hydrated and clothing to keep your body in top performance while you blaze your trail. Check out Orange Mud for your outdoor activity needs!