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Ways to Choose and Use a Hydration Pack


A hydration pack is a drink bag made for more effortless transfer and convenient consumption of water outdoors. Hydration packs are popular among individuals who enjoy going out biking, running, hiking, but also those who love to travel as well as the avid sports  fan! Regardless of the hobby that brings you outdoors, staying hydrated is important and you’ll need to make sure you have the right amount of water for the excursion.


Carrying a hydration pack can help you stay hydrated, especially in situations where you may not have easy access to water or fluids. 

Using a hydration pack and choosing which one to use often comes down to personal preference but we’ve created a list to help you decid  how to choose and use the best hydration pack for you. Know how to pick the right one for you!

Choose based on your needs.


Do you sweat a lot outdoors or do you easily get thirsty while doing physical activities? Do you find yourself carrying not only what you need but someone else’s gear too? If so, you might need to think about getting a hydration pack that lets you carry a larger amount of water. Choose a hydration pack that has enough capacity for your water, gear, and other stuff.


Consider the activity you’re doing


Make sure that your hydration pack is designed for the activity that you intend to use it for. Some hydration packs are made for specific activities. Hydration backpacks are usually used for activities such as hiking, cycling, and running where there is ample space for water, food, and essential stuff for longer trips. Hydration waist packs have smaller space and they are used for lighter activities where you don’t need to carry much gear. Handheld packs are even smaller yet and typically have enough room for an hour or two of fluid and the bare minimum essentials such as a key and your phone.

Account for the hydration pack features.


There are hydration packs that are insulated to prevent freezing during winter activities and to help keep your water cooler during summer activities. Some hydration packs also have rain covers and add-ons for different types of weather. 


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