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Guide to Outdoor Apparel

We all know too well that weather is unpredictable and a sunny 90 degree day in one state may mean a blistery cold day somewhere else. Wearing the right attire for the activity and terrain can not only make you feel more comfortable but it can improve your performance too! 

The outdoor market has a wide selection of clothing options to choose from depending on the weather and activity. Here are some things that you need to know about outdoor apparel to help ensure you tackle the day!:

  1. Dress for different seasons

Depending on the season, dress appropriately to protect yourself from the environment. Winter activities require clothing with warm layers or insulated gear. For summer activities, it is important to choose clothes that are light, comfortable and can protect you from the sun. When a simple t-shirt is not enough, wear something that is super light but adds an extra layer of protection such as the Orange Mud High-Performance Lightweight Running Shirt. It is super light and stretchy - perfect for running, hiking, and biking.

  1. Choose synthetic materials

When you are outside, it is ideal that your clothes are made of materials that dry fast and can wick away moisture for even the sweatiest of us. Activewear made of cotton is not recommended as it won’t dry quickly unlike clothes made from synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester which are more breathable. The Orange Mud Stretchy Running Singlet and Shirt (available in various colors) is made from 120  GSM super breathable polyester and elastane, designed to give maximum comfort and breathability while you are outside.

  1. Consider dressing in layers

For more strenuous activities such as hiking and climbing, it is recommended to dress in layers so you can stay safe and protect yourself from drastic weather changes. Typically, you can start with a base layer that will keep you dry, then add a warmer layer such as a long-sleeved shirt or a wind-breaker, and finally an outer layer that will shield you from the environment just like the Orange Mud Puffer Jacket with full-sleeve and hoodie that is lightweight as well as water and wind-resistant.


Does this guide help you decide on what to wear for your next outdoor activity? Check out more active clothing and apparel from Orange Mud below!