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Runner Files: Ron and Bobbie Ruhs

The couple that runs together...Meet Ron and Bobbie Ruhs!

This inspiring couple not only work together, they work out together too! Bobbie has been running for over 20 years, Ron has been running for 8. The power couple were power lifting before they started running together. Ron sustained a shoulder injury from lifting and fell into a bit of a funk. Bobbie suggested he try running, so he started training to run a 5k in Hawaii. That was a success so they decided to train for a marathon together. (Bobbie swore she wouldn't run another one after her first, but some challenges in life are better with your significant other by your side!)

They had a great time training for and running the Kona Marathon, dubbed 'Team Ruhs' by their newfound running friends. In fact, they had so much fun, they decided to go beyond 26.2 into the world of ultras. From there, Bobbie said, "they never looked back."

With a sensible and conservative approach to training, Ron completed three 100 mile races this year without injury. Bobbie's goal is to complete a 100 mile race in the next year or so. (She did complete 100 miles of running on a treadmill to raise money for MS in 2013.)

They both love the connection they have with other runners, the camaraderie plays a big part in their commitment to the sport. "Our kids ran cross country in high school & we were always impressed at the camaraderie & how positive the sport was. We’ve found that same thing in trail running. We’ve made some great friendships and our own relationship has grown." says Bobbie.

Picking 'A' races and then scheduling smaller races to build up to the big ones has been a key to their success. "No better way to train than to race." Is their motto.

Just like with running, Bobbie introduced Ron to Orange Mud hydration packs. She was ecstatic to find a pack that held bottles that didn't chafe like others she tried. Her favorite pack is the HydraQuiver Double Barrel, Ron loves the VP2. "I grabbed one right away and it has been my go-to pack for every thing!" Between the two of them, they have most of the Orange Mud line. They also love the Transition Towel and the Handheld for shorter distances.

When they aren't being inspired by their fellow runners at races and in their local running group, The GOATz (Greater Omaha Area Trail runnerZ), they find each other to be a limitless source of inspiration. "Ron's a great dad/ grandpa, he’s my best friend and my biggest cheerleader. He’s there for me...NO...MATTER...WHAT. Running with and watching/helping him race, shows his true character. Not only is he a runner, he’s a teammate and he’s there helping and cheering others on too."

With their upbeat attitude and love for the sport, they are certain to have continued success. "If you’re not having fun, why are you doing it?" says Ron. "Just get out there!"

Ron and Bobbie Ruhs