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Top 10 Gifts for Runners That are Sure to Hit the Mark

It's tough to determine which gift to give your favorite runner that will help them reach their athletic goals without weighing them down. Luckily, these 10 top gifts for runners from Orange Mud and a couple other brands we dig, will take all the guesswork out of the job for you. 

An Efficient Gym Bag
Every runner needs a good gym bag to rely on that has features like lots of pockets, a separate shoe compartment, and a dedicated place to store wet clothes.   $169.95 Link

Moisture Wicking Socks
Runners can never have enough moisture wicking socks in their arsenal, as they keep feet dry during long stints and help to minimize blistering too. Link

Challenge Head Band
A challenge head band offers ultimate support for the runner in your life by allowing them to display race and marathon badges of pride on a customizable band. $14.95 Link

Running Belt or Race Number Belt
Running belts, often known as Race Number Belts, save that nice high tech shirt or short from being ruined with safety pin holes. There are a variety of types on the market, but one simple and effective standby can be purchased here. $9.95 Link

Transition Wrap
No runner likes getting in the car while hot and sweaty after a run, and the transition wrap puts and end to this scenario. It serves as a changing blanket right after a run and can then be used as a seat cover in the car to keep things clean and tidy. $39.95 Link

Calf Compression Sleeves
Shin splints, muscle pain, and fatigue are all things a good pair of calf compression sleeves can help to stave off after a run. They can even increase blood circulation, which is helpful for especially long jaunts. $Varies Link

Gear Quiver
Sometimes it's necessary to carry along some food or other bulky items during a run, and the runner in your life can do just that with the help of a Gear Quiver by Orange Mud. $69.95 Link

Paracord Bracelet
These are great for wearing on your wrist on clipped onto your gear. You never know where some string can come in handy, and the whistle may help to get you or your loved one out of a jam. $8.95 Link

Water is always a concern once running shoes hit the pavement, but the HydraQuiver ensures that your favorite runner isn't stuck without a sip to gulp when the need arises. $84.95 Link

Strava App premium subscription
Strava is the king of workout data and analysis and can use your smartphone as a data collection hub. The free plan is great, but why not upgrade your running companion with a premium account so they can look like a pro and get access to an enormous amount of data? $59 annually Link

These 10 top gifts for runners are sure to spark some fire in your favorite runner. Pick up one or all ten for a great holiday gift!