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Why Do You Run?

Sure, we all know the health benefits of running, but as any other runner will tell you, there’s so much more to the sport than burning calories and keeping a healthy weight. In fact, many people argue that humans are specially designed to run. Between having far less hair than mammals to the shape of our feet, it can be said that humans are physically endowed with features that are favorable for running.

Over time, running has developed from the necessity of having to chase down our meals by foot to a voluntary activity that gives us fulfillment in other areas of life. So this brings us to the big question: Why do you run?

From losing weight to relishing the glory of completing a marathon, everyone has their own unique reasons for running. To get the conversation started, we’ve listed a few of the biggest reasons why runners are so passionate about their sport. After you’ve read through these reasons, tell us why you run in the provided space at the bottom of the article.

1. Weight loss.

Shedding pounds is often the “gateway” reason why many people get into running in the first place. Running is generally known as one of the fastest and most efficient means of torching calories and developing a lean, athletic physique.

2. To experience the great outdoors. 

The great thing about running is that you can do it anywhere, from the blacktop of Broad Street to the rugged dirt trails of Appalachia. When you plunge yourself into the great outdoors and navigate your world by foot, you become one with Earth as nature intended, rather than isolating yourself from its breathtaking sights and splendor as you do when you drive.

3. Explore new terrain. 

Boredom is serious stuff, and running gives us a chance to stimulate our hearts and minds by exploring new blocks in our neighborhood, parks, or famous trails we’ve never been to before.

4. To be fulfilled with a sense of achievement.

From completing the first 5K to finishing an ultra-marathon, running gives people a chance to surpass huge milestones and enjoy the glory of achievement—a feeling that isn’t always available in one’s profession.

5. Runner’s high.

Yeah, we’re for real. After long periods of strenuous activity, such as running, your body releases pleasure-inducing endorphins that can block out pain. The result is a euphoric state, helping you push your body beyond its limits. Ah, that 20th mile sure feels great, doesn’t it?

6. Supplement to other sports.

Simply put, running is one of the best, if not THE best aerobic exercise there is. Running is a part of training for just about every type of athlete, from distance runners to boxers. Even powerlifters sprinkle a bit of running in their training routine to help increase their endurance.

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Looking for a little running inspiration? You can check out our video called “Why Do You Run?” by clicking here.

Now that we’ve told you some of our reasons for running, tell us yours in the provided space below- we’d love to hear from you.

Live your dreams. Run.