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Got Dirt? Get an Orange Mud Transition & Seat Wrap

There’s nothing quite as gross as plopping down in your clean car after an intense run, your clothes drenched in sweat, while your legs are covered in dirt from the trail. Or maybe you’re a walking rainbow, covered in paint after completing a 5K color run. Well, unless you plan on walking home or changing in public, your body won’t be the only thing getting a scrub down after the big run. Oh, your poor car seats.

After the run, you could take your car in to the detailing shop and set yourself up for dirty looks from the guys who clean the interior. The dank smell of your perspiration and the beautiful pinks and purples smeared on the seat might even be enough to make one of the guys at the shop look for a new job. Or, you could ask your friend for a ride home, but he’s too smart to let you ruin his precious interior. We have a better option. Orange Mud Transition & Seat Wrap.    

How it works

The biggest problem with bath towels is that they aren’t big enough to cover your whole body, making it difficult to change in public after a run without showing off your birthday suit. Like a giant protective towel, the Transition & Seat Wrap is big enough to cover you from your chest to your knees, measuring in at a whopping 30” wide and 60” long. And unlike towels that happen to slip off, you won’t have any embarrassing moments with this bad boy. The Transition & Seat Wrap comes with a sturdy built-in belt, allowing you to change clothes in public without having to worry about it falling off. For extra security, the belt clip is designed with super durable polymer that won’t budge until you say so.

What if I don’t want to change outdoors?

Ok, so maybe you just can’t stand to change in public. No worries! The Transition & Seat Wrap features a zip-on hoodie that wraps around your car seat, so you can drive home all dirty and keep your car seat “purdy” without the wrap slipping off while you drive. And at 5’ long, the Transition & Seat Wrap is long enough to protect your entire car seat. Oh, did we mention that it’s incredibly soft?

Other awesome uses

Aside from post-marathon, the Orange Mud Transition & Seat wrap is great for a slew of other uses, such as changing at the beach, changing from work clothes into gym clothes (or vice versa), or changing in and out of your sports gear. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even wear it as a kilt while you’re throwing back cold ones at the bar. The possibilities are endless! The Transition & Seat Wrap comes in a huge variety of colors, from sunshine yellow to turquoise. And if for some strange reason you happen to be unhappy with it, send it back within a year of purchase for a full refund. Questions or comments? Feel free to post in the provided space below. Thanks for stopping by!