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Zombie Runs: Run for Your Life!

For runners of all skill levels, there’s no better way to get into the spirit of Halloween and stay fit than running for your life while being chased by zombies. Well, not real zombies, of course, but eager participants dressed up as the ghoulish undead.

While a typical 5K has you aiming for a best time, a Zombie Run ups the ante a bit, challenging the swiftest, most fearless runners to not only make record time, but to escape the trail alive. In a Zombie Run, life and death is dictated by the amount of flags on your belt when you complete the race. Runners typically begin with three flags, and along the way you’ll encounter hordes of the undead trying to take them. If you complete the race with at least one flag remaining, congratulations- you’ve escaped the 5K alive. But if all of your flags are taken, you can still complete the race and shoot for that record time, even though you’re dead. 

But before you try to conquer the Zombie Run, you’ll need to bring a long a few essentials if you want to make it out alive:  

  • Trail running shoes. To make the run even creepier, Zombie Runs usually take place along shady wooded trails in parks, so you’ll want to wear footwear with enough traction so that you don’t slip while sprinting past the undead.  
  • Lightweight clothes. Heavy, sweaty clothes can bog you down, so be sure to wear moisture-wicking shorts without pockets so you can be as fast and agile as possible. Unless temps are in the 30’s, run the course in a t-shirt or tank top for maximum mobility.  
  • Hydration Pack. Even if you’re dead on the Zombie Run, you’ll want to stay hydrated enough to complete the run. We suggest bringing along Orange Mud’s HydraQuiver Hydration Pack. Its over-the-shoulder design makes it super easy to access the included 24 oz. water bottle. To top it off, the Hydra Quiver even comes with long spandex pockets so you can keep your valuables secure while dodging zombies.   

So if you’re looking for a thrilling change of pace from your usual races, a Zombie Run is definitely the way to go this fall. Even if you finish the race dead, you won’t regret the experience.