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What Motivates Runners?

You see them out there day and night, rain or shine, running along misty shores at the break of dawn or bustling city streets at sunset. With each pounding stride against the trail, their faces become more fraught with perseverance and determination.

Across the globe, runners are becoming a common breed as more and more discover the great joys that the sport can bring. So, what motivates them? What makes them rise at dawn to get seven miles under their belts when there’s always something else to do? A few amazing motivational factors include:

Great causes.

Big city marathons, such as the Chicago Marathon and the Boston Marathon, help raise thousands of dollars for charities every year. Raising money for a great cause that holds a special place in the runner’s heart is a big reasons athletes pound the pavement.    

The outdoors.

From the rugged trails throughout the breadth of U.S. National Parks to the prairies of South Africa, runners use their sport to discover the great outdoors and experience the breathtaking sights and splendor of Mother Earth. As any runner will tell you, one is overcome with an indefinable sense of harmony with the world when traversing the outdoors by foot.   


A run through a historical spot has a great way of showing us just how small we are compared to the immensity of human history. Whether it’s a jog along the Great Wall of China or through the cobblestoned streets of Philly, running can be humbling.  


Self-expression is at the very core of the human condition. In light of both our trials and tribulations, running as an outlet for our emotions is about as organic a form of self-expression as it gets.  

To celebrate life. 

Runners understand that each day is a gift, and nothing makes one feel more alive than a long run first thing in the morning. Running is a metaphor for one’s tenacious approach to living, the tip of the iceberg of her resolve and persistence to succeed in all things. Simply put, life is the motivation for runners, and in turn, running is a natural motivation of life.

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Here at Orange Mud, your passion for the sport and motivation to run is what drives us to innovate. Tell us what motivates you by posting in the space below, and while you’re here, grab another sip of motivation by checking out the video below.

Live your dreams. Run.