Orange Mud is adding 360 spin to products via Hoot - Orange Mud, LLC

Orange Mud is adding 360 spin to products via Hoot

In an effort to continually deliver the best product experience possible to online shoppers, Orange Mud recently decided to give hoot’s interactive imaging a spin. 


Hoot offers revolutionary 3D product photography to brands that empower consumers to view a product from every angle online and engage with it as if they’re holding it in their hands. This delivers the information needed to make a confident purchasing decision.

With the amount of time and resources spent to design, build, and deliver the highest quality products to our customers, it’s extremely important to represent them online in the best way possible. We take a great deal of pride in our work from start to finish, so were thrilled with the opportunity to showcase the end result more effectively. Now every painstaking detail, unique feature, and innovative design can easily be examined. Hoot’s product representation helps accomplish just that, without having a live product demonstration. 

We pride ourselves on designing gear that is far from the ordinary, but educating our customers with pictures alone just wasn't cutting it. Checkout some of the links below to see how 360 spin is working for us and how you can interact. 

UHTP Demo - Click on either of the spinning images on this link. There are two different demonstrations. 

Transition Wrap Demo

HydraQuiver Demo

We’re excited to see how hoot’s imaging assists in providing our customers with the information they need and make a positive impact on their online shopping experience at Orange Mud. Any feedback and/or thoughts from our customers is always welcomed and appreciated.