The Orange Mud Adventure Project

Orange Mud Adventure Project

Update: Finalist will be announced on 1/24! All have been notified and just working out the particulars for the announcement. Thanks so much for entering! 

Adventure is at the heart of Orange Mud. Your passion is what fuels our drive, designs, and energy to explore. For 2018, we’re looking for some special adventures to follow and would love to help make your adventure come true. Tell us about your plans and if selected, we'll help get you there.

A primary goal is to create a film. If you have film experience let us know. Or if you already have a film crew, even better. We have some crews that we know well too, and hooking you up with some gopro's and such is an option as well. We really want to film your journey, so if you're going big, let's chat. 

Things we're looking for. Fastpacking for days, weeks on some epic trail? Circumnavigating Kilimanjaro on foot? Trekking across Iceland? Running an epic trail in Chile? Riding a major trail unsupported? Bike-packing across Africa? Coming back from some major life struggles? Will you be making a video? Shooting some amazing shots in the backcountry while circumnavigating one of the coolest places on earth? Going for an FKT? Challenging yourself to something on the edge of your limits? Is this documentary worthy?

What you’ll get from us if selected?

We intend on selecting 3 Adventure Projects and the support will vary depending on what each project requires. For most we assume the Adventure Pack 12L or 20L pack will be a part. Hey we make packs, and we'd love to highlight them on your journey! Aside from that we'll be sure to help out with all kinds of gear. 

Gear from Orange Mud Available – Product will be determined based upon your adventure.

  • Anything we make.
  • Adventure pack 12L or 20L
  • Adventure Jacket to keep you warm if you're heading to cool weather. 
  • Any clothing
  • Gym Bags/Travel Bags for getting your gear to and from. 
  • The Beast – Massive duffle for hauling all your gear in the biggest bag that you can check on an airline. 
  • Socks
  • Arm warmer/cooler. 
  • Headwear
  • For the right project, cash and or film crew may be provided. 

Gear from our partners

  • Keeping this under wraps for now as it will vary depending on the adventure, but we'll have some extra good stuff involved here. 

Apply on the link below for a chance to be chosen for the Orange Mud Adventure Project! Entries are open now through 12/31/17. If selected we'll supply you with as much gear as we can to crush your goal! Winners will be announced on January 16th. Have a question? Feel free to reach out on our contact page here.

Apply here.