Orange Mud Product Portfolio


Transition and Seat Wrap, 15 colors


A seat cover and changing towel in one. The Transition & Seat Wrap is the answer to parking lot and trail head gear changes as well as keeping that clean seat of yours...well, clean! We designed the wrap with the simple goal of not having your towel fall off while changing from regular clothes to run/bike/surf/etc gear. It stays around your waist securely via a built in belt clip. The second feature of the towel is the zip on hoodie, which you slip over your seat back in your car so when you sit down, the wrap does not slide off your seat.

We can put your club or store logo on it too, minimum 25 units. Interested? Click here! 


Gear Organizer

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Running Hydration Packs

HydraQuiver Single Barrel, 5 colors

Tired of bouncing and sloshing hydration packs? Solution found, meet the HydraQuiver™. The HydraQuiver sports a silky smooth webbing, long spandex pockets to hold your phone while running, an interior rear cargo storage and a secure zipper pull. 

Foam padding and big air channels provide ample support and maximum breath-ability. The running water bottle is easy to reach and replace thanks to a wide funnel opening and perfect retention. We use a reusable BPA-free water bottle to make refills quick and clean up easy. Unlike a hydration bladder, these are much easier to wash! For your nighttime safety we have a reflective logo on the bottle holder. There is also an area at the base of the pack to attach your jacket or shirt with our optional cord and cord lock kit. Wear instructions are simple, put on the pack, cinch it down snug and you're good to go! Yes it fits the ladies just as well as the guys. 

Learn how to wear the pack and secure the excess webbing. Click here!

Features: Capacity - 140 cu in ~ Weight without bottle, 7.2oz/204 grams, with bottle 10oz/282 grams ~ Super breathable nylon ~ Secure storage with headphone port ~ Bottle: BPA Free 25oz ~ Patent pending

HydraQuiver Double Barrel, 3 colors

The Double Barrel running hydration pack is your trail and road running companion. It fits a wide range of sizes and thanks to no chest strap, it fits almost all ladies wonderfully. Small to big size guys too. The shoulder pockets use a stretchy material with an ultra soft neoprene closure to store up to 10 gels per side, your cell phone for running and keeping close at hand, and other key on the fly requirements. The rear cargo storage is a dual layered pocket. One shallow to reach your cell phone while running, and a main pocket that can hold nutrition needs for any trail, road, ultra running, or marathon event.  There is also a shock cord area in between the bottle holders to hold your jacket or extra layer. Rethink the hydration pack with this one, it simplifies clean up, makes refills a breeze, and you can run with two different hydration options. 

Key Features:

  • 2 BPA free running water bottles, 25oz each included.
  • Super stable and breathable on your back.
  • Weight: 12.9 oz/366g w/o bottles, 17.8oz/512g w/bottles. 
  • HydraQuiver Vest Pack 1 - 2 colors

    The HydraQuiver Vest Pack 1 utilizes a highly breathable and durable mesh for maximum heat and moisture transfer. Two shoulder pockets make for quick access to your nutrition, phone, and other accessory items. This hydration pack is extremely light, breathable, and stable under speed yet comfortable for the long haul. 

    The way to fit this pack properly is to cinch down the sides nice and snug while leaving the front chest strap loose. This tension is very important as it controls the fit.  Use the front chest strap for micro adjustments only. Note: Our Single Barrel HydraQuiver may be a better option for ladies if you have a large chest. Sorry to be blunt, just trying to help! 

    • 2 shoulder accessory pockets to hold up to 6 gels per or a phone. 
    • Front chest pockets for access to nutrition on the fly.
    • 25oz BPA free bottle for easy fill, easy clean-up.
    • Glove like design for a comfy fit.
    • Weight 8.7oz/230grams, with bottle 10.7oz/300 grams.
    • Fit for minimum chest circumference is 27". Max is 52". This is measured at or just below your armpits depending on body type.

    Want to learn more about the fit? It's the same as the VP2, see below! Or read this review here by a bibrave pro

    HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2 - 3 colors

    Our HydraQuiver line of vest packs packs have traditionally been a low profile, no chest pocket, no chest strap type of pack. Well we decided to spin it a bit with our new vest pack which delivers the same comfort, has 2 expandable chest pockets, and attaches via a chest strap. The VP2 vest pack utilizes a 3D space fabric with a transparent surface that gives a plush "floating" honeycomb appearance. It's softness makes it comfortable against the skin and breathable, while having minimal stretch. Our traditional shoulder pockets are still on the pack for quick access to your nutrition, phone and other accessory items. This pack is extremely light, extremely breathable, stable under speed yet comfortable for the long haul. 

    The way to fit this pack properly is to cinch down the sides nice and snug while leaving the front chest strap loose. This tension is very important as it controls the fit and the front chest strap is for micro adjustments only. Note: Our Double Barrel HydraQuiver may be a better option for ladies if you have a large chest. Sorry to be blunt, just trying to help! 

      1. Food/accessory pockets on the shoulders for quick access.
      2. Front chest pockets for access to nutrition on the fly.
      3. 25oz BPA Free, bottle based hydration for easy fill, easy clean-up.
      4. Medical grade mesh for maximum breathability.
      5. Great for running or hiking.
      6. Weight 264 grams/9.4 oz without bottles. With bottles, 416 grams/14.7oz.
      7. iPhone 6 in a case will fit into the shoulder pockets, iPhone6+ will fit in the optional modular bag or in the front chest pockets. 
      8. Storage = 198 cubic inches


    Handheld Hydration Pack, 21oz - 5 colors

    Mission: Make a handheld that conforms to your hand. This little beast allows you to focus on running, not constantly gripping the bottle. We stabilized the movement by encasing the bottle in a semi-rigid shell, then added an extra wide strap for comfort and torsional stability. There is a dual elastic pocket to hold a phone, gels, keys and cash. It comes with a 21oz BPA free, made in the USA, water bottle too. Reflective webbing on the bottom keeps you seen on your night excursions. 


    • Form fitting grip, tiny to large hand friendly
    • Elastic phone and nutrition pocket with key clip. 
    • 21oz BPA free bottle, with black lid, made in USA

      Gear Quiver - 3 colors

      The Gear Quiver is a shoulder mounted pack designed to hold your cell phone, electronics, nutrition, etc in a low profile, breathable, super light design. Perfect for lunch time runs, mountain bike rides where bottles are on your bike, and races where hydration isn't a concern. Many are using handheld water bottles in conjunction with this pack for long events. The rear cargo is secured via a top sliding YKK zipper that you can access on the fly. A soft running flask or running water bottle can be put in the back in a pinch too. Inside of it is a pocket for big phones like your Iphone 6+, even in a case. Did we really design something for running and riding primarily around electronics? Well, yes, yes we did. 

      • 4 way stretch shoulder pockets for nutrition, electronics, chapstick, etc. 
      • Rear 4 way stretch back panel has an interior pocket designed to fit an iPhone 6+ in a Lifeproof case and plenty of room for a light jacket or shirt. 
      • Have a tablet phone? We know some of you do, the elastic rear cargo can hold that. 
      • Weight 5.7 oz, 162 grams
      • Reflective trim for night time safety.

        Lifestyle Bags

        Modular Gym and Tri Bag - 3 colors

        After working out, what do you do with your sweaty and wet clothes? Stick them by your shoes? Try our velcro secured, removable interior bags.

        The outside shell uses a ballistic nylon that was originally designed to protect WWII fighter pilots from flying shrapnel. It's strong, very strong. It also is resistant to high heat, 356F to soften, 410F to melt. Irrelevant info I know, but it's tough, we're proud of that.

        Most gym bags and triathlon bags are too small, we made ours roughly 20% to 30% larger than normal. The removable shoe compartment doubles as a changing mat. The removable large bag is for wet clothes, small for toiletries. A vibrant orange interior makes finding your stuff a breeze. Lastly, the four exterior pockets are designed intelligently for function and clean lines. Proudly crafted in the USA.

        As seen in Men's Journal, "The Only Gym Bag You Need".

        • Removable Shoe Bag / Changing Mat
        • Removable Dirty Clothes Bag and Essentials Bag
        • Heavy Duty Materials, Metal Hardware
        • Highly Visible Interior and Exterior Pockets

        Shell: 1680D Ballistic Nylon (Camo is 1000D) - Straps: 2" industrial seat belt webbing, with steel hardware. - Zippers: YKK, best in the business. - Size: 22"L x 14"W x 12"T -Volume: 3390 c.i. -  Source: Made in the USA

        Urban Hippy Tripster Pack - 4 colors

        The UHTP has a rugged, water proof treated exterior designed to last. The oversized pen panel holds big pens, usb backup power or a stack of business cards. Behind that is a secret compartment for flash drives, passports, watches, phone, cash, etc. The heavily fortified laptop sleeve is removable via velcro, and is suspended on the back panel in case of an accidental drop.

        The laptop sleeve can be removed and interchanged for a workout bag. Post workout just put in your dirty clothes and they are kept clean and separate from the pack. The super soft sunglass storage area is oversized for 3 to 5 pairs of glasses, an often overlooked feature. 

        Feature Set
        • Super Secret Vault - The pen panel is the vault door. While velcroed on, it's flush with the back panel. Peel it back for access to passports, cash, or documents up to 8.5" x 11". 
        • Beast of a Laptop Sleeve - The heavily padded laptop and tablet sleeve is zippered on the top for extra protection. It's also removable via velcro. Dimensions, 13" deep by 10" wide. 
        • Workout Bag ($23.95) - Keep your funky clothes from stinking up your bag post workout. 
        • Heavy Duty Shoulder Harness - Comfort, style, and with a webbing engagement system.
        • Big Beer, Big Bottle Pockets - The side pockets will hold a 25oz water bottle or big beers. 
        • Oversized Sunglass Compartment - Fits 3 to 5 glasses easily in a soft interior.
        Materials: Polyester and Nylon webbing / 1680 denier Nylon shell (camo version is 1000d woodland) / Parachute and seat belt webbing 

        Sling Bag - 4 colors

        We had some fun making this sling bag. The interior has a secure zippered pocket for your valuables and a key clip. The outer shell is made of a water repellent nylon 400d, with a 2" seat belt webbing grab handle. The shoulder harness is a 5mm shock cord with a plastic carabiner. This compresses the bag, but also stays sturdy on your body for a quick run to the gym or walking around goofing off. 


        • Shell: 400D Nylon. All with a urethane backed waterproof coating. Bag is not waterproof, but the coating is a very strong barrier. 
        • Strap: 2" industrial seat belt webbing
        • Cord: 5mm USA shock cord and plastic carabiner. 
        • Zippers: YKK #5 (Tough as nails)
        • Size: 15.5"L x 13"W  / Volume: 1500 cubic inches, or 1 towel, shoes, shirt, shorts. 
        • Made in the USA

        Want a different color? Let us know! We're flexible and can make some fun things here. 

        The Beast - Gear Hauler Cargo Bag - 3 colors

        Looking for a "beast" of a cargo bag? This sucker will fit the bill. Designed for carrying large amounts of gear in style and secure. Large 2" seat belt webbing can be worn as a backpack or hand carried. Additional carry and or secure straps are on all 4 sides as well. The material is tough and will take a beating, and it's made here in the USA.


        • Shell: 600D Polyester for Black and Gray, Camo is 1000D Nylon. All with a urethane backed waterproof coating. Bag is not waterproof, but the coating is a very strong barrier. 
        • Straps: 2" industrial seat belt webbing
        • Zippers: YKK #10, Read "Beastly"
        • Size: 31"L x 16"W x 16"T  (Complies with TSA domestic and international checked bag size)
        • Volume: 7680 cubic inches, 125L
        • Made in the USA

        Want a different color? Let us know! Making it local means we can be flexible. We have black web, pink, olive, orange, and can get a variety of others depending on need. 

        Messenger Bag

        The Messenger Bag is built for the daily grind or gallivanting around the world. The interior sleeve fits a tablet or MacBook 13" computer with a main zippered interior pocket that is perfect for secure documents and paperwork. The outer shell is made of a waterproof treated material built to withstand the test of time. An exterior d-ring and lash system allows for adding on carabineers or other attachment mechanisms to hold additional gear. 


        • Up to 13" laptop compatible. 
        • Secure interior and exterior pockets. 
        • Bold materials for a high vis interior, and stealth exterior appeal. 
        • Separate phone sleeve. 

        Materials - Shell: 1680D Nylon (Camo is 1000D) - Interior Pockets/lining: Vibrant water resistant nylon - Zippers: YKK - D-ring: 1" HD, Black - Made: Proudly crafted in the USA.