Kevin Bartow Profile

Kevin Bartow

Athlete: Kevin Bartow

Lives City/State: Delhi, NY

Go to Orange Mud Gear: VP1, Squishy Hat, Endurance Pack

Primary Sport: Ultra running


Bio: Family, friends, fitness, and being as happy as possible.

What sports do you participate in? Ultra running, trail running, and the occasional obstacle course race

What is your favorite race food? On the regular: fig newtons.... best thing i've ever had at a race: perogie.  

What is your go to hydration mix? tailwind ... love the stuff!

Do you have a major quirk you’d like to share? sometimes I sing when I run.  

If you were relate to an animal, what would it be? Probably a bear... cause I run into them a lot on my runs.

If a newbie to your sport asked for one piece of advice, what would it be? that is simple. I've given this advice many a time: Put one foot in front of the other and smile! 

Do you have any racing pet peeves? (Gel packets, mud, thorns, smelly runners, etc). I am not a fan of people that or overly competitive, or size people up before a race.

What do you do for fun? Doing anything with my wife and kids. Family runs. Fitness. Play music. Help people. 

What is your post race ritual? Hug my wife, drink a beer or few, and eat all the foods

How long have you been running? on and off since high school... but the resurgence has been 4 years

Why do you enjoy the sport? When I am running I feel free. There are no problems, no worries... just a person accepting the challenge of life and kicking its butt!

What's your favorite trail race? Cayuga Trails, Cats Tail Marathon, Rat Snake Reverse tri

What's your favorite local trail? The mountain Behind our local high school has miles of trails I tend to gravitate to... feels peaceful in all its elevation and hardships

What's your go to piece of Orange Mud gear and why? Vest Pack 1 ...for its versatility.

Profession and educational background? Owner/ Operator of Salty Anchor Fitness, personal trainer .... multiple certifications in personal training, group training, kettle bells, and nutrition ..... other than that the school of hard knocks and protecting the rights and freedoms of fellow Americans/ United States Navy

What is your biggest accomplishment in your sport? Getting others to realize that running can be a joyful and life changing experience

Do you have a set training schedule and if so, what's it like? If not, how do you decide what to do? When I have a big race on the horizon, I try my best to stick to a training schedule... but mostly I just balance running and strength training to always be prepared to run whenever, where ever

What's your dream race? Barkley Marathon, Vol State 500k... and personal goal, TransCon run

Favorite book for athletes? The Little Engine That Could ... that is not a joke

Do you listen to audiobooks or music during exercise? more so when I am strength training, but I will listen to music that gets me pumped

 What advice would you give to a new runner coming into the sport? Put one foot in front of the other and smile

Where do you draw your inspiration from?My wife, my kids, and an inner voice that tells me to challenge myself

Have you struggled with any injuries? How do you manage them? my darn knee... you gotta take injuries step by step... being a smart runner isn't always fun, but it surely insures a longer running career

Anything else you’d like to share? I've seen many horrible things on all of my travels. Seen the demons in myself and others. Though it is a shame to have had to witness it, it has taught me this: We are all floating on this big rock. It's important that we all chip in and do our best to get along.

What was the best advice you were ever given? Life is about balance... find yours.

What is your favorite local running or biking store? unfortunately my favorite running store is two hours away in Ithaca NY 

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instagram : @exuberantrunning

twitter: @exuberantrun