Jake Jackson Bio

Jake Jackson

Athlete: Jake Jackson

Lives City/State: Loma Linda, CA

Go to Orange Mud Gear: Hydraquiver

Primary Sport: Running

Bio: What’s your passion, your joy in life, anything special you’d like to share. Husband and father of 3 is my biggest priority. Without them in my life everything else I do is unfulfilling. The past year my passion has gone from running fast on the streets to trail running and seeing just what this body can do over longer distances. Music is also something I'm very passionate about.

What sports do you participate in?

Primarily running but I use cycling and swimming for recovery.

What is your favorite race food?

Spring Energy Nutrition

What is your go to hydration mix?

Spring Energy Nutrition

Do you have a major quirk you’d like to share?

I have to chew gum while I'm running. Wrigley's 5 Peppermint Cobalt should sponsor me.

If you were relate to an animal, what would it be?

Before running a couple of friends of mine would call me a goat when we'd go hiking.

If a newbie to your sport asked for one piece of advice, what would it be?

To not ramp up mileage too quickly.

Do you have any racing pet peeves? (Gel packets, mud, thorns, smelly runners, etc).

My biggest race pet peeve is people who like to stop right in the middle of the course to walk. Run over to the side so you don't cause a traffic jam.

What do you do for fun?

Any chance I can get on a trail I'm happy.

What is your post race ritual?

Beer and burger usually.

How long have you been running?

5 years

Why do you enjoy the sport?

Because it's the most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life. Pushing your body to places, it has at one time thought impossible, is extraordinary. 

What's your favorite trail race?

Haven't done very many but Kodiak 100 is my current favorite.

What's your favorite local trail?

Crafton Hills or Hulda Crooks

What's your go to piece of Orange Mud gear and why?

Most runs I wear the Hydraquiver. One bottle is usually all I need and the zipper pocket holds my keys and phone.

Profession and educational background?

I'm a feeder driver at UPS.

What is your biggest accomplishment in your sport?

I ran a 2:42 marathon at Boston and I placed 5th OA at Kodiak 100 2016

Do you have a set training schedule and if so, what's it like? If not, how do you decide what to do?

For marathon training i'll usually have a set out training plan but for doing ultras it's all about getting on the trails as much as possible with some super long runs on the weekends.

What's your dream race?

Right now my eyes are set on Western States.

Favorite book for athletes?

Born To Run has always been a favorite.

Do you listen to audiobooks or music during exercise?  

Mostly music but I have listened to a few audiobooks for a change of pace.

What advice would you give to a new runner coming into the sport?

Take things slow. Ramping up mileage too soon can lead to injury. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Music is a big one. Seeing others push themselves to new limits is also something that inspires me.

Have you struggled with any injuries? How do you manage them?

My current nagging injury is a sore achilles. Ice, ice, ice.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Don't underestimate what you're capable of. If you have a dream to accomplish something in life it's possible. 

What was the best advice you were ever given?

To believe in myself.

What is your favorite local running or biking store?

Fleet Feet Rancho Cucamonga, The Running Center Loma Linda and Allied Multisport Redlands.

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