Episode 24: Power Training Discussion with Adam Zucco

Watts you say? Yes, wattage baby! 

Welcome to another episode of the Orange Mud Adventure Channel Podcast.

Today your hosts are myself, Josh Sprague and Paul Jesse from Orange Mud. We’re excited to talk today with Adam Zucco. Adam has been coaching triathletes for over 15 years and, along with his partner Joe Friel, founded Training Bible Coaching. Adam has coached countless athletes to PRs, Kona Qualification as well as US Olympians.

Today we’re going to dig in to the topic of training with a Power meter. A power meter is a device that basically measures the power output of a rider. Most use strain gauges to measure torque applied and combined with angular velocity calculate power. Adam is an expert in this arena, Paul and I, well, not so much, so we’re really excited to dig into how it can be used to improve your training and racing on the bike as well as the in-roads currently being made in running with power measuring devices. Adam welcome to the show!

Adam is such a stud that 8 of his athletes have qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona this year!  

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Adam Zucco