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Why I Take To The Trails At Least Once a Week

1. It slows me down. One of the reasons my coach has me on the trails once a week is, so I will take my recovery runs seriously. A lower heart rate and miles in zone 1 means I enjoy the scenery and actually look around! What better place to do that than in the trails?!?

2. Trail running breaks the boredom of the same roads I always run. Neighborhood running can get monotonous and oh so hot!!!

3. Different terrain works different muscles! It changes my routine. Do you ever find yourself running the same route over and over? You make the same right turn, on the same slant over and over (or left turn, you get my drift), and over time your body gets so used to doing the same motion the same way, overuse injury happens because your kinetic chain gets all out of whack! Take it from me (I know a thing or two about overuse injury).

4. It helps me stay out of the elements. Did I mention it’s hot where I live?!?! Trails help by providing a canopy of shade cover because of the trees. I can’t escape the humidity, but it does feel about 10 degrees cooler when in the density of most trails! And in Texas triple degree heat, that is huge!

5.It’s a great way to get less time focused and enjoy the comradery of running which is one of the reasons I started running in the first place! Do you ever find yourself in a running rut? Or not enjoying running? Trail running has definitely helped me get back to a centered place of happiness with the sport and it might help you, too! So call a friend and ask them to meet you for a trail run, because this is the place where pace doesn’t matter!

6. The trails provide amazing photo ops! Okay this may not be a great reason for you, but it’s the truth! And seriously, no matter what state you’re in, what trail have you seen that you can’t find beauty in???

7. It’s a great reason to sport my Orange Mud gear! Haha, actually this is truthful, but wearing any of my hydration vests (whether on the trails or just on long runs on the road truth be told) is a great way to work on marathon hydration, no matter the distance I run. I like to drink every 45 minutes (more if the dewpoint is above 70).

8. No matter what you are training for, it’s likely “coach” approved. Pending you stick to the trail for recovery miles if training for something else, most coaches find the trails a great training tool for road running, triathlon, duathlon and more!!!

Why I Take To The Trails At Least Once A Week

What reasons do you hit the trail??? Let me know in the comments below!

Jessica Tondre


Dirt Unit Elite