Material Tech Session: TPU, what is it made of?

The bite valves and bladders of our packs are made of a TPU based compound. We've received many request about whether they have rubber in them, and the answer is no.

Most rubber allergies are generally latex based. Latex is a naturally derived rubber which is known to cause skin irritation. Some of the agents that often cause allergic reactions are thiuram, carbamate, and mercaptobenzothiazole or proteins in latex. 

TPU is rubber like in durability, flexibility and smooth, but is a synthetic thermoplastic elastomer, not a rubber based material.

As always if you have an allergy we suggest researching further as you could have a TPU or synthetic compounds in TPU allergy.



Josh Sprague is the designer and CEO at Orange Mud. Designing packs and other gear is at the heart of his passions and Orange Mud as a brand. Making packs that are light, fast, functional, and always important, a major focus in his designs.