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How to Keep Your Skin Healthy While Exercising

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy While Exercising 

As much as we love the warmth and relaxation of summertime, those few months still come with a few downsides. The heat can make even the toughest athlete want to climb inside the freezer rather than go out and exercise. For those brave enough to stick to their daily fitness routines, the UV rays and constant sweat can cause some serious skin problems. Runners are adept at taking care of the inside of their bodies, but what about the outside? Here are some musts for summer skin fitness.

Use Moisturizer with SPF

Hydrate. Wear sunscreen. These are our summer mantras, and should be all year round. But sunscreen has a habit of dripping into your eyes when you sweat, and the heavy oil ends up feeling a little gross. Instead of trying to remember to smear it on just before leaving, make sun protection a part of your daily hygiene routine. Get a light facial moisturizer with SPF and a heavier one for the rest of your body. If you install this routine between brushing your teeth and flossing, you’re not likely to forget again. 


Mix heat, dirt, sweat, and sunscreen and you get clogged pores. To avoid this, wash your face with warm water pre-workout to wipe off bacteria or makeup, and wash again when you’re done. Since you don’t always have the luxury of taking a shower or waiting around for a gym sink to start pumping out warm water, stock your gym bag with disposable cleansing cloths or Quick Fix Spray made for athletes. Make sure to get a shower scrubber with a long handle so that you don’t miss your middle or upper back when you do get a chance to rinse off.

Go Easy on the Hair Products

A rich, scented conditioner feels wonderful on your hair. But when sweat makes it leech down your face, neck, and back, it can cause a breakout that feels anything but luxuriant. Take it easy on the hair primping routine, or choose all-natural products without heavy fragrances.

Wear the Right Fabric 

Wear a moisture-wicking fabric like a cotton/nylon blend. While tight-fitting clothes seem like less fabric, loose items will help your skin breathe better. The more you air out, the less sweat will be trapped on your skin.

Treat Yourself to a Home Spa Day

Even with frequent maintenance and good habits, there are days when our skin just needs to heal. If you’ve gotten a little sunburned lately, stay inside and lather yourself in aloe vera. If you’ve been hitting the trail hard, exfoliate your feet and treat any blisters. Make a healing face mask out of Indian clay and water to cleanse your pores. There’s no rulebook that says you have to exercise every day, so give yourself a little time off to get fully well before going back at it.

Do a Proper Cooldown

You can start preparing for your cooldown before you even exercise. Get your home ready by turning on the air conditioning and closing all the blinds to prevent sunlight warming the room. If you don’t like wasting the money on cooling your house while you’re out and about, consider getting a smart thermostat to manage your HVAC system from your phone—something that we at Home Improvement Leads can’t live without. The sooner you get cool, the less you’ll sweat. If you’re in a private area, take off your sweaty clothes and hydrate deeply to keep your skin healthy.