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Guest Blog Writing for Orange Mud

About Orange Mud

The premise of Orange Mud is simple, make the best dang gear on the market for athletes. “Innovation from frustration” is our motto, simply because so many products fall short of quality, functionality, and ease of use on the market.

The goal of our blog is to educate our customer base about our products, athletes, nutrition, clothes, shoes, socks, lube, tips, tricks, tools, and advice for endurance sports. Staying positive, educational, and keeping a personal touch to every post is the goal. Our team of independent experts and editors produce original content each week, including videos, infographics and articles. Orange Mud focuses on helping endurance athletes achieve success in four main areas: products awareness, nutrition, fitness tips and managing their health.

Familiarize yourself with our content, topics, tone and style at

What We Look for in Guest Posts

  • Relevancy: Our audience consists of endurance athletes. That doesn’t mean all are fast, some are 5k’s, some are 100 milers, some are very new, some are very experienced, some are back of the back, some are at the front. All content should be geared toward this audience. A good question to ask is, “How does this piece of content help endurance athletes?”
  • Educational information: Content should offer endurance athletes helpful and actionable insights that can help lead to a better active lifestyle.
  • Interesting angles and well-written copy: Find a unique angle to cover, highlight the most essential, valuable insights and provide clear take-aways.
  • Strong, Supported Ideas: Support points with examples, accredited data (please link directly to all data referenced), references (can be linked), even personal anecdotes—these can all help your advice better resonate with readers.
  • No brand or product promotion: Content should not be self-serving, sales-y or promotional in nature. If your content mentions a brand or brands, please disclose to the editorial staff and within the content itself if you have any relationships, financial or other interests in those brands. 

What We Look for in a Contributor

  • Endurance sports expertise and experience: We want contributors who are endurance experts and can provide the most relevant advice to our audience.
  • Authenticity: Offer a genuine, personal point of view that encourages readers to engage with the content. Speak from a first-person voice vs. second or third.
  • Strong social following: We not only look for a strong social following on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, but we specifically look for an endurance sports following. Are your followers the endurance sports customers we want to reach?
  • Engaging writer: To create engaging content, you need to be an engaging writer. If you have any samples of your work, please send them with your pitch.

Interested in Pitching a Guest Article?

Send an email to Please title the subject of your email “Orange Mud Pitch.”

  • What is the name of the article?
  • What is the article about (2-3 sentences will be fine)?
  • What will readers better understand after reading the article?
  • If you have more than one article idea you’re pitching, please include the above information for each article.
  • Who is the endurance athlete or expert that will be contributing?
  • Where has this endurance athlete or expert previously contributed content? Please include links.
  • What is the endurance athlete’s social media following? Please provide relevant links.
  • How do you plan to drive traffic to the article?

Article Length

Ideally 500 to 800 words. But a min of 300 and max of 2000 is the range depending on the type of content.