Runner Files: Richard Rivera - Orange Mud, LLC

Runner Files: Richard Rivera

Athlete Spotlight: Richard Rivera, how he found the fun in sport and lost 75 pounds!

Richard is one of those guys you just love to be around. He is enthusiastic, inspiring, and always on the move! He will admit to you that he was not always this way. "The way I was living was neither productive nor healthy for my family or myself. What led to my break through was having kids and not being able to play with them like I wanted to as well as not being able to do simple things like tying my shoelaces."

Two years ago he discovered Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). He thought, "Looks fun, I want to try it!" Little did he know OCR would change his life.

What started as "just something to try", his biggest accomplishment to date is the ability to complete the Double Trifecta in Spartan Races. There are three race distances towards reaching a trifecta 1) Sprint (approx. 4 miles and 15+ obstacles) 2) Super (approx. 9 miles and 20+ obstacles) 3) Beast (approx. 13 miles and 25+ obstacles). In order to get a trifecta, a person must complete all three races in 1 single year (Jan. - Dec.). A double trifecta means he did that twice in one year!

Being an obstacle course racer requires speed, upper and lower body strength. Running and full body strength workouts are all equally important. When it comes to the more challenging obstacles, his trainer creates workouts that will help him improve in those areas, whether it be grip strength or rope climb technique for example. "I keep a log of all my training, this allows me to have a reference point for measuring my improvements. I believe these things have and will continue to be the keys to my success both now and in the future."

Richard Rivera, Spartan Racer

His goals include being ranked in the top 25 for his age group as well as to get 'The Coin'. In Spartan races, to get one means you are officially invited to compete in the world championships.

Richard's biggest challenge is managing family, work and training/competitions. (He likes to think of it as a 'blessing.') "The ability to make sure I’m relevant in each of these areas is very important. For example with training sessions, I have to train in the morning and be done by 7:30am or wait until 8pm after the kids have gone to sleep. Being a husband and a father is my greatest joy."

You will recognize Richard at the Spartan races and other OCR courses by his 'jet pack.'
This one is race legal and holds his hydration/nutrition, it's the Orange Mud HydraQuiver.

"I found Orange Mud when I started doing research on the various hydration packs that were on the market. At the time I was using a bladder pack but I felt it was just too bulky so I set out to find something that would better fit me. I came across the HydraQuiver Double Barrel, I did some research on it, and the rest is history!

"I LOVE HELPING OTHERS!", says Richard. He is a certified personal trainer with ISSA, Chaplain for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept., he has 4 kids from the ages of 5 years down to 10 months, he's been married for 10 years and has been with his wife for approx. 20 years.

His favorite quote, “There’s people who are going to participate and there’s people who are going to win.” Dave Castro.


Richard is an awesome ambassador for Orange Mud. We appreciate what he has done for us and look forward to watching him continue to grow as an athlete. Keep up the good work Richard!

-Josh and the Orange Mud Crew.