8 Fitness Hacks That Will Make Your Running Life Better in 2017

8 Fitness Hacks That Will Make Your Running Life Better in 2017

Running is one of the best ways to blow off steam, stay in good shape and give yourself some alone time to clear your mind. Unfortunately, like with all repetitive actions, running can get quite dull after a while if we don’t do our best to shake up our routine from time to time. You need to stay motivated to go on your runs, so you constantly have to find ways to improve your running experience and your performance. Here are 8 fitness hacks that will make your running life better.

1.    Change of Scenery

One of the easiest ways to make things more interesting and challenging when it comes to your running routine is the change of scenery. If you’re going to the same park every other day, running on the same route in the same rhythm, sooner or later, it will all get old. That is why we always suggest trying out something new – if you’re a fan of the treadmill, but you’re tired of being stuck in the gym when the weather is beautiful, take your run outside. If you feel like your well-established route isn’t a challenge for you anymore, try something different, like running by a river or uneven terrain that will test your strength and efficiency.

2.    Lemon Water as Soon as You Open Your Eyes

We’ve seen so many eye-rolls on the subject of lemon water, but opinions change dramatically when people actually start drinking a glass of warm water with a drizzle of lemon in it every morning. If you wake up early to go running before work or before the rest of the family needs you, then drinking something sour and nutrient-rich on an empty stomach will give you the boost you need before you head out the door. There’s no reason not to try drinking lemon water, it energizes you momentarily and it chases away all the drowsiness that might still be lingering in your body. I always feel like there’s a current running through me when I drink it and it feels good.

3.    Strength Training

Running is one of the best forms of cardio there is and people often think that’s all you need to be in shape. And though it’s true that with a running routine you will feel better in your own skin and you won’t have to worry about cellulite and being flabby, if you really want to make the most of it, then strength training will be great for you. Not only are you able to acquire more muscle mass and make your body look amazing, but weight lifting and other forms of strength exercises will positively affect your running performance too. You will be able to run longer and faster, not to mention that recovery period will enable you to burn more calories when you’re not working out.

4.    Plyometric Exercises

In the beginning, the explosive jumping around will be tough, there’s no doubt about it, but the benefits you will reap won’t go unnoticed. Besides, the more you do plyometrics, the easier they’ll be and honestly, they become fun as you challenge yourself to be better. Adding plyometrics when you’ve already got a hang of your strength workout will change your body in the matter of weeks, so just make sure you do your explosive jumping after you’re done with your run. Also, be careful when it comes to your posture and form while you’re doing plyometric exercises, you don’t want to hurt yourself because you’re not paying enough attention.

5.    Eat Real Food

Like we said, running is a great way to stay fit and keep your bodyweight under control, but too many people have taken this fact for granted and eat whatever comes their way because they’re burn it later. Ok, calories will melt away, but the lack of nutrients and excess of sodium, fats and sugars will stay in your metabolism and can cause real health issues. That is why eating real food is something you should think about seriously - fresh produce full of vitamins, minerals and protein can nourish your body and prepare it for any kind of physical activity, running included. Focus your attention on eating organic fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, lean meats and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated at all times.

6.    Change of Dynamics

Just like we talked about changing the scenery in which you run, you should also consider changing the dynamics of your runs to make them more fun and yes, more demanding. Alternate sprints and jogging will make your blood flow and will be great for your endurance too. Doing hill sprints and crescendo runs will melt away all the unwanted fat in no time, not to mention that it will spike your adrenaline that will enable you to be even better. However, it’s important to know your limits and when to stop – there are days when just going for a light jog will do much more for your body than sprinting until you’ve lost the will to live.

7.    Running Is Better In Good Company

There are plenty of us out there who truly disliked running before someone finally put us up to it. Having a friend or a partner run with you will make the whole running experience infinitely more fun, you’ll be more motivated and you can even compete with one another if the competitive spirit is strong. You can also join running groups if you don’t mind running with more people, you get a chance to get fitter and meet some new friends, which is always a good thing. Plus, when you’re running with someone or with a group, it will be much harder to miss your run – you will want to show up for yourself and for the rest of the group.

8.    Let the Music Move You

All those runners with headphones and music pounding in their ears know what they’re doing. Choosing the right tunes for your run will not only spur you on to give it all you’ve got, it will put you in a good mood, just like every time you listen to your favorite music. Some choose power metal hits for their workouts, others go for lively pop hits, and it’s completely up to you to pick and choose your set list, but don’t miss out on all the fun that good music can give while you’re burning some calories and keeping yourself healthy. – Vanessa Davis


Vanessa Davis is 32 years old, lives in New York and is currently a full-time content-writer at diet.st. Her areas of expertise are fitness, nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle, and in her free time she enjoys skiing and mountain climbing.