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The Orange Mud philosophy is very simple. Make the most efficient, well crafted, locally sourced gear, with a major focus on endurance sports. Our flagship product is the HydraQuiver. This is a series of ultralight, no bounce, hydration packs that largely disappear on your back while running. Runners covering distances from just a few miles, to well over 100, have fallen in love with our gear and have been a tremendous resource for customer education, product evolution, and our growth.

After the HydraQuiver was launched, we switched gears to accessory solutions. We found a common problem that all athletes face, the dreaded parking lot change, and the subsequent sitting on your clean seat after a sweaty exercise session. Our solution to this problem is the Transition and Seat Wrap, a changing towel and seat cover combination. The Wrap has been one of our simplest products, but has launched our retail presence to 19 countries, and hundreds of stores.

Looking to the future, our accessory and hydration pack line will continue to evolve and grow, but so will some other endurance related products that we feel can be improved or made from scratch. As always, our customers are the number one reason we exist and our commitment to quality as well as an interactive customer service experience will continue for years to come. Stop by our website today to learn more about us and if you have an idea, reach out, we’re always looking to collaborate and build something together!


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