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Things to Do With a Treadmill (Besides Run On It)

There’s a reason runners prefer the elements when putting one foot in front of the other, and that’s because treadmills get boring—fast. However, there are some creative alternative uses for that treadmill that’s taking up space in your home.  

Ride a bike: Seems like it might take a bit of practice, but like all worthwhile endeavors persistence pays off.


Rollerblade: Rule number one is always wear protection. Rule number two is have better friends.    

Dance: Dancing is a great form of cardio, and as this man demonstrates, dancing on a treadmill can be quite graceful.    

Put Your Pets On It: Sure, there might be no other practical purpose for you here other than some laughs and getting out of taking the dog for a walk at three in the morning on a cold winter day, but that’s completely worth it.    


Get Rid of It: If you don’t have an industrial shredder, that’s fine. Craigslist or a friend in need will probably be more than enough to get rid of your treadmill. Why? Because running outside is always the best way to run.