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Runner Files: Anthony Forsyth

What’s next on Runner Anthony Forsyth’s agenda? A Desert Solstice 100 mile track race. “There are no distractions. It’s just mind numbing, hamster-like running in circles,” said Forsyth. “But it's the ultimate stage for fast 100 mile running.”  

While some people run for the scenery or the challenge of different race environments, Forsyth runs to see how fast he can run for a particular distance. His goal for the Desert Solstice is to get the perfect extended preparation followed by a great race day.  

To prepare, he runs twice every day with the main run in the morning and an easy double later in the day. A lower intensity and higher mileage runner, he often runs more than 200 miles a week.   Forsyth also follows a raw “beegan” diet (vegan + raw honey). “For years I did the ‘protein for recovery’ plan, but I have found that less protein, plant-based protein, and the huge amount of micronutrients and antioxidants naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables really reduce inflammation and maximize recovery time,” he explained. As someone who has struggled with over eating and obesity, he likes that his body self regulates quantity with this diet.  

Forsyth’s running career actually began due to his weight struggles. As an overweight child, he started playing water polo, which led him to swim training, and then run training. “After that, I stuck with the running and eventually got into triathlon. I ended up winning the junior title at the National Half Ironman champs and a senior regional title while still a junior.”  

After college, Forsyth gained weight and hit a peak of 245 pounds. “When I was at my fattest I heard of a local, tough 30K trail race. I decided I was going to do it if I could lose the weight. A year later I came in seventh place, and I won the year after that. It was everything I had trained for and dreamed of,” he said.

He won his first ultra, the Beyond Limits 50M in March 2013, and finished a close secnd in his first 100M in August 2013.  

The week after his first ultra he had scheduled a trail half marathon but could barely walk. He decided to take it easy, but as he warmed up his legs suddenly came back to life, and he ended up winning. “I won one of the original Orange Mud Hydraquivers as part of my prize,” he said. “I totally fell in love with the pack and planned to use it for my first 100M, so I contacted Orange Mud, told them how much I loved it, and asked if I could have some more bottles and t-shirts to publicize the brand. They were delighted, and I became their first sponsored runner in what is now a large team of ambassadors. It has been so exciting to see the products develop over the last few years, and I am so excited to see this brand grow.”

According to Forsyth, the ultra-running community is like no other. “100 miles is 100 miles however fast you run it, and that garners a huge amount of mutual respect for one another amongst us all,” he said. “That then leads to a whole lot of love and support that is almost family-like. I feel deeply privileged to be part of this wonderful community.”  

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