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Runner Files: Chad Hause

“For me, it’s the running in and of itself that I love.” – Chad Hause  

Today, Runner Chad Hause truly enjoys the pure act of running, but it hasn’t always been that way. Although he was an athlete growing up, he thought running felt like punishment. Then when he was in his early 30s, one of his friends began running marathons, and his inner competitor came out.  

“I threw out a quick, ‘It’s only 26 miles.’ My friend just laughed and made the comment that I wouldn’t be able to finish. Having never lost that competitive drive, the journey unknowingly began,” Hause said.  

His next three years were filled with potential and heartache as he was always training as fast and as hard as he could. “The injuries mounted up, and I never developed any consistency,” he said.  

In 2012, Hause found a “home” on the trails where he finally had fun running. “The peace and solitude started to really call me,” he explained. “The process became as important as the outcome, and I truly began to relish and appreciate what running gave me, and what I could offer to others by sharing that passion. I think that’s when I knew that I had crossed the threshold into becoming a runner.”  

That same year, he began thinking about ultra-races when one of his best friends and mentors became very sick. “Watching the strength, dignity and patience that he displayed during his treatment was a real eye opener as to the spot on definition of those words. I approached him about using an ultra-race as a platform to raise awareness and funds for research of his illness. He was very excited about the idea and my running journey took another step.”  

In the fall of 2013, Hause completed his first 50-mile race. The process of running became more than exercise—it became a part of who he was. “The thought of seeing just how far the human body could go, and the amazing things it was capable of; the motivation during the entire journey that we shared was amazing! Seeing his face a couple of days after the race and talking to him was something I will never forget,” he said.  

Last fall, Hause was running the course of the Dances with Dirt in Hell, MI, when he started to feel fatigued at mile 26 and noticed Orange Mud Ambassador Peter Burrill shoot ahead. He asked Burrill about his hydration system, the Orange Mud VP2, and purchased one for his next race. “I ran my first 100k two weeks later using the same VP2 and was instantly sold on the race benefits,” Hause said.  

He found that the system worked and balanced perfectly. It didn’t limit his movement, the bottles never fell out, and the pockets were large enough to hold his other gear. “These things are built to last, and I use them as if I’m trying to prove it every day,” Hause said, “I’m honored to be part of the family so to speak.”  

So what’s next for Hause? “I think I’m slowly wrapping my head around the potential for my first 100-mile attempt next year,” he said. “And I can’t wait to see what that journey brings.”