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Greatest Running Movies of All Time

While most runners would agree that running is more of a lifestyle than it is a thing one does to stay in shape, there are also times where circumstances get in the way of hitting the pavement or trails. Fortunately, the following movies should help inspire and motivate all runners to overcome whatever circumstances are holding them back from logging some mileage.  

Forrest Gump

It goes without saying that Forrest Gump should be listed. Sure, it’s not purely a running movie, but its main character just happens to be one of the most prolific runners ever who “just felt like running” and ran all over the United States for months on end.  

Running America

This documentary follows two men, Marshall Ulrich and Charlie Engle, as they attempt to set a new speed record for crossing the country via running. Ulrich, who is 57, should be motivation enough to overcome any excuse to skip a run, but the film showcases the limits of the human body as well as the ability for the human spirit to overcome.  

Marathon Man

This classic film features Dustin Hoffman as a runner who needs to outrun a bunch of Nazis looking to recover stolen diamonds. If you’re a fan of action movies and running this movie is sure to please.   

Run Fatboy

Run Directed by Friends’ David Schwimmer and starring Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz), Run Fatboy Run falls along comedic lines as Pegg’s character, Dennis Doyle, is transformed from unmotivated loser to marathon runner—all in the name of winning back the love of his life, who is played by Thandie Newton.  


Another documentary, Transcend follows one of the world’s best marathon runners, Wesley Korir, who used running to escape poverty in Kenya. But instead of battling 26 miles, Korir returns to Kenya to outpace a well-funded candidate for a seat in Kenya’s Parliament. Korir’s story is one that is built on a foundation of running but evolves into something much bigger.  

4 Minute Mile

This film follows a high-school student named Drew whose only outlet for the turmoil of his life is running. After befriending his neighbor, a former track coach with his own flaws, Drew starts to progress towards greatness. This movie is far from predictable in terms of storyline, but running is at the center of this movie, which is essentially about overcoming adversity.  

Chariots of Fire

Another classic running film, Chariots of Fire is known for its soundtrack, which matches the intensity of the running scenes as two of Britain’s best sprinters face off in the 1924 Olympics. One runs to overcome prejudice and the other runs for God.  

Running Brave

Centered on the story of Billy Mills, this film is about a reservation-raised Native American who pulled off one of the greatest upsets in sports history as he rallied from third place to win the 10,000-meter race in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.  

Jericho Mile

This is the story of a man serving life in Folsom prison for murder who gets an opportunity to train for the Olympics and run for his freedom.  

Without Limits

Considered the better of the two biopics on Steve Prefontaine, Without Limits chronicles the life of Prefontaine, a prolific college and Olympic runner who died tragically at age 24 in a car accident.