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New Year, New You

The New Year is about taking the big leap into a “new you.”

While that is admirable, we’ve all been at the breaking point weeks into our big leap of faith that started January 1. This year, recognize that the best version of you isn’t always leaps away—maybe it’s just a few steps. Sometimes, in order to get to where you want to be, you just need a little nugget of inspiration. Here are some nuggets we have to share with you for this New Year’s resolution.  

“Running” is a vague resolution, but Runners World has a great starting line for your 2015 fitness goals. From a light nutrition plan to methods for staying motivated, you have the full gamut of health tips to push you through—well past the “breaking point” of most resolutions. Sometimes you just need someone to call you out on your couch-crouching. Runners World has that covered as well.

Turning over a new leaf in the New Year isn’t always about changing your habits. Maybe you just change the “where” of your habits. Take your neighborhood road running to the trails. You’ve got to be tired of the same street cats and friendly neighborhood dogs along your route. Shake it up with a trail run among lizards, deer, and equally friendly turtles. Crank101 has the coolest list of reasons why it’s time for you to get deeper into nature for your running routine. If you’re still not convinced to trade exhaust-filled air for fresh mountain air after reading this, we’ll have to give you a better image—because a good visual goes a long way.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, these are worth a thousand miles. Trail Porn delves into a runner’s greatest desires and captures the natural beauty of running views around the globe. After clicking through a few images, you’ll be ready to take that scene into your next workout for extra motivation. If these people can do it, so can you. Make sure that as you’re crushing your New Year’s resolutions in June, July and August (you’ll get that far!) that you take a moment to capture it.

Since you’re now hooked on trail running, where can you plan your next (or first) running adventure? Running in 2015 can be so much more than a time-passing exercise routine. Trail running with like-minded runners in races can be an uplifting and nirvana-style experience. Get your bucket list app ready because this Trail Runner list has the 21 best destination trail races in 2015—and you won’t have trouble finding 10 or 20 you’d love to run.

A runner’s path is their life. Every run is a new opportunity to go beyond the mundane to further miles or higher peaks. You trail junkies, marathon mavens, and outdoor Spartans are our inspiration. Whether you’re taking a big leap of faith into a new active lifestyle or just taking those leaps in stride, remember you’ve got the paths laid for the best “you” there can be. We know you’ve got it in you!

Happy Trails to you—another year strong.