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11 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Our fathers make a big impact on our lives. I know mine taught me how to live off the land, fix pretty much anything with duct tape and a knife, be strong when you need to, humble when you don't, and always did the right thing regardless of popularity. Picking a cool gift is always tricky, but we have 11 ideas below for you. 

Endurance Pack - $134.95 - Dads love epic adventures. This hydration vest pack is designed to take them there. From running any trail, bombing down a killer singletrack, hiking wherever, kayaking down a gnarly river, descending down a powdery slope, or any other outdoor adventure you want to tackle. Rock star dad Tim C below just ran 100 miles in 108F temps this past weekend in it. We give a grade A thumbs up to him! 

Tim Christoni

Modular Gym Bag - $169.95 - Great for a weekend trip, training, racing, or a trip to the gym. Carry on friendly, made in the USA, built insanely tough, and the last gym bag he'll ever need.

Modular Gym Bag

Transition and Seat Wrap - $39.95 - Dad is awesome, but when he sweats he smells. So why not give him a way of protecting his car seat, while also providing a tool for changing at the trail-head without mooning the neighbors. 

Changing towel and seat cover - Transition Wrap

UHTP - Sale $169.95 - Built for the daily grind or armageddon. Materials on this every day carry bag start with ballistic nylon originally designed for fighter pilot flak jackets and industrial grade seat belt webbing. Superman Dad Ramon Hernandez modeling this below.

UHTP Olive Every Day Carry Pack

5 Panel Black Trucker - $22.95 - Protect your dad's noggin in the hot summer sun, while looking like a boss doing so with this black trucker. We have an amazing crew of dads on our team, and below are just a handful of super humans modeling our various hats! 

Running Hats

Custom Machined Ink Pen - Karas Customs - $40 and up - I'm a nerd about custom machined things. These guys out of Phoenix, AZ make some killer ink pens out of raw bar stock aluminum, titanium, and brass. 

Make Your Own Backcountry Beer - Backcountry Beverages - $49.95 - Your pap can likely build a satellite uplink via duct tape, an old cell phone and chewing gum, but can he make his own beer in the back country? Well now he can. 

HydraQuiver VP2 - $149.95 - For journeys over an hour nutrition becomes essential. Tailwind makes some great products for epic adventures. Pick up some sticks or a big bag of their goodness so dad can stay strong throughout his next endurance event. This trail running superstar dad Joshua Creo Watson was rocking our VP2 on a beautiful trail. 

Joshua Creo Watson VP2

Injinji Socks - $Varies - Putting on these socks can be a pain, they look a little funny too, but function is more critical to most dads. I wear these things on all sorts of trail running and hiking adventures and even occasionally with flip flops around the house. You can't do that well with a normal sock! 

SweetWood Cattle Co Meat Sticks - $25.00 - These guys make some wicked awesome beef sticks. No Nitrates or added MSG, a bunch of great flavors, and individually packed for a random snack or backcountry eating. 

Dad doesn't eat meat? Checkout Primal Strips - $16.99 - This sampler pack of meatless jerky tastes great but uses soy, seitan, and/or shiitake mushrooms for a great tasting snack. 

Any of these gifts should put a big smile on your dad's face. What other ideas do you have?