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Train with Orange Mud!

We here at Orange Mud are beyond excited to introduce the winners of our Train with Orange Mud contest! Over the next few months we will be documenting these athletes training processes and cheering them on as they strive to achieve their monumental goals.

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Denny “The Mad One” Hodge

Train With Orange Mud!


Denny started running during his time in the Marines. He ran a lot and he hated it. Fast forward to 2010. Ten years out of the Marines -- and 60 pounds’ overweight -- Denny started running again. A little at first, then a lot. He skipped the 5k and ran a 10k.; skipped the half marathon and ran a full 26.2. After that he jumped into the ultra world. Denny hated running off road. That changes after his first 50k. Despite his aversion for trails, Denny signed up for the Nashville Trail Ultra and the rest is history. Now he seeks out trails to run every chance he gets. In true Denny form he is skipping the 50-mile distance and going straight from 50k to 100 miles! Denny plans to tackle (or get tackled by) the Georgia Jewel 100-mile race. The Georgia Jewel runs along the Georgia Pinhoti trail, spanning five mountains, with over 16,000 feet of elevation. Denny is getting into training mode and is focusing on his nutrition and overall conditioning. The 100-mile distance is more than just being in running shape; it’s about mental fortitude and being ready for anything.  The Orange Mud VP2 will be Denny’s weapon of choice in Georgia. He has his Gold USMC Eagle globe and anchor insignia attached; it gives him that Marine motivation. Denny’s journey is going to be epic and we can’t wait to cheer him on. Follow Denny “The Mad One” Hodge on Instagram - @_The_Mad_1 and Twitter - @_The_Mad_1

Jenny “Runnylegs” Nakamura

Train With Orange Mud!

Jenny is a gal who wears many hats. She is a runner, a foodie and avid traveler.  She is training for her 10th marathon at the Vancouver USA marathon on June 19.  Jenny’s training plan is a little nontraditional; She has a lot of races coming up before her goal marathon, including 3 - 50k's and 3 half marathons. Jenny chose the Vancouver USA marathon, mostly because she has never been to Portland and can't wait to explore the food scene! Vancouver USA is also perfect for Jenny because it’s the same week of her birthday and the course is flat and fast and features some of the most beautiful sights the Pacific Northwest has to offer; a perfect recipe for a PR.  Jenny’s goal for this race is to break her current marathon PR of 4:35. In order to accomplish her goal she is focusing on running smart, avoiding injury and dialing in her nutrition strategy. Jenny hydrates using the Orange Mud Vest Pack 2; she is a superb blogger and takes some epic pictures. Follow along in her journey on her my blog or on Instagram &/or Twitter by following @runnylegs.

Mallory “RunYogingRun” Billings-Litke

Train With Orange Mud!

Mallory lives in Providence, RI and is training for the Stonecat 50 miler in Ipswich, MA on November 5. Stonecat takes runners on a “runnable” technical single track course through some beautiful Northeast foliage.  As the year progresses she will be consistently increasing her mileage so her body is ready for the fifty-mile distance.  At the posting of this blog, Mallory’s immediate goal is Pineland Farms 50k in New Gloucester, ME.  2016 is going to be a big year for Mallory; she is determined to enter the world of ultra marathons and has hired a running coach to help her prepare. Despite having asthma, Mallory has always been determined to prove to herself that no goal is out of reach. It is for this reason that her training is always focused on training smart and remaining injury free. She also believes in the importance of hydrating and out of the MANY different brands of packs she has tested has fallen in love with the Orange Mud Hydraquiver Double Barrel. She love it because it fits well on her body and holds everything she needs for racing and long training runs. Mallory is super pumped to be a part of the running community and feeds of it’s tremendous camaraderie and support. We here at Orange Mud are just super Pumped to have her on our team! Follow along with Mallory as she crushes her goals in 2016. Check her out on Instagram at @RunYoginiRun or shoot me her a tweet at @RunYoginiRunMBL