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10 Cycling Mistakes to Avoid

As a beginner cyclist, you can make a lot of mistakes – and that’s totally okay. It can happen at any point and cycling can be a bit like that. It is something that a lot of bike riders and professional cyclists have done in the beginning.

Everyone starts as a novice with a lack of knowledge and experience in cycling but with practice and effort, you can steer clear and know how to avoid the most common cycling mistakes.

Make your bike rides safer and more enjoyable by knowing the top 10 most common cycling mistakes and how to avoid them:

  1. Cycling without a helmet

Every cyclist should know the importance of a bike helmet. Helmets reduce the risk of head injuries during an accident which is why it is highly recommended to wear one at all times.

  1. Not wearing the right clothes for riding

For cycling and for any sport or outdoor activity, wearing proper clothes and attire will help you move comfortably and let your body move freely. Also make sure there is nothing loose or baggy around your ankles or shin that could get caught in the bike chain.

  1. Incorrect saddle height

Find the right height for your saddle and set it correctly before you take a ride. A saddle that’s too low can be uncomfortable and a saddle that’s too high can risk tendon and joint injury. For a proper bike fitting, contact your local cycling shop.

  1. Not bringing enough water and fluid

Always bring a sufficient amount of water and other fluids such as electrolytes. Make sure you are properly hydrated and always drink water whenever necessary to avoid being dehydrated on the road.

  1. Forgetting to check your bike before a ride

Before setting off, make it a habit to check your bike for brakes, tire pressure, bike helmet, spare parts, food, and water. Make sure that the chains of your bike are well lubricated and the saddle height is set correctly.

  1. Not using the correct gear.

Another common mistake beginner cyclists make is using the incorrect gear. Bicycle gears can be much more complicated than a car’s so it’s best to pay your bike shop a visit and ask them how to use and shift the gears, especially in flat and downhill terrains.

  1. Not checking the weather forecast before going out

Checking the weather forecast will help you dress appropriately. It will also help you to prepare the things that you will need once you set off for a ride.

  1. Braking in a corner

Another common error is braking in corners. The safest and most efficient way is to brake before you turn in a corner to avoid losing control and crashing.

  1. Grabbing the brakes too hard

Sudden braking can cause you to lose stability and control of your bike. Brakes should not be applied too hard but instead, they should be done in a gentle, controlling manner.

  1. Riding too hard and too far

It's true that you’ll gain more knowledge about cycling as you ride greater distances but it is a hard sport that will bring you progress with good, steady, and consistent training. 

Yes, maybe you’ve already made some mistakes but those can be avoided the next time you set off for a bike ride. Many common cycling mistakes can be avoided with planning and preparation.