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Michael Jimenez

Athlete: Michael Jimenez

Lives: Soledad, CA

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Primary Sport: Ultrarunning

Passions: My family, mountains, growing in the Lord

Sports I participate in: M.U.T. running, and golf caddying

Fav Race food:

Beet juice, Tailwind, tuna sandwiches, Cliff Squeezies

Hydration Mix:



I'm a friendly introvert :-)#

Animal relative:

I'm a Shusky(Shepard/Husky) Owner so that would be the one :)

Newbie Advice:

Be a persistent learner, be open to new ideas, try stuff, grow, our bodies are great at making adaptations.

Racing pet peeves:

Please don't talk to me for too long during a race, I am actually trying to think my way through those things(I know it doesn't sound friendly, and it's not like I won't talk to you, it's just, there can be too much chatter). We can talk a little but let's save the long in-depth stuff for after :)

Fun stuff:

Watch my kids do their things. Hang with the wife :) we have fun together!

Post race ritual:

Post race brewsky and this is where the socializing really is enjoyable!!

Time running:

Lifelong, my Old Man, started me when I was in preschool and he was in the military.

Why do I enjoy the sport:

I love exploring the outdoors, the peace, the feeling of moving through the mountains, the time to think, the sense of wellness, the time to pray, the time to feel a closeness to my family while I think about them, and racing!

Fav trail race:

Kodiak 100 + Black Hills 100 +Ordnance 100k, all wins for me, how can you choose between your babies ;)

Favorite local trail:

Tie between the hiker route up N.Chalone Pk in the Pinnacles, and Indians - Arroyo Seco in Big Sur. 

Go to Orange Mud Gear:

Orange Mud PFV it's great for long/short stuff, it's simple(I'm all about keeping things simple, love having a soft flask w/straw and a phone pocket. But I love my endurance vest just as much, I've had a full deer skull with antlers strapped to the back of that while out on a full on creek drainage bushwhack and it was epicly tough as I needed it it be! These are the most versatile and comfortable vests I've ever used!

Professional and educational background:

I'm a Pebble Beach Caddie for the last 15yrs, studied accounting for a year in college(liked it but with young kids, decided to stick with caddying, paid the bills and gave me a ton of flexibility). 

Biggest accomplishment in the sport:

1st was coming in 4th at Javelina 100(my 1st 100), then was a win at my 2nd 100 and 1st mountain ultra(Kodiak 100), then winning at Black Hills 100, proving to myself it wasn't a fluke, winning at my least favorite distance the Ordnance 100k, took some mental toughness and speed, a win at Badwater Salton Sea gave me confidence...But my biggest was my 7th place finish in 28:51 at Badwater 135, that was the hardest thing I'd ever done, so much could go wrong and a few did but I exceed the goals I'd set for myself and I will forever cherish that day in my life.

Set training schedule?:

Hmmm, not really, I just try to be thoughtful while keeping it fun but tough as necessary...I try to mix it up in both type of runs, terrain, time spent, while keeping an eye on what feels right; experience is a great teacher.

Dream race:


Favorite book for athletes:

Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage

Music during running:

I love it :)

Advice for new runners coming into the sport:

Pay attention to your bodies cues, don't push through injuries, don't be scared to try new things, read as much as you can, be a thinker, don't compare yourself to other people, and do what is fun.


My inspiration is from my Lord, my family, my friends, my surroundings, and my dreams :)

Injury struggles, and management:

Achilles rupture, ITBand, calf tear, stress reaction...The Achilles was bad, I pushed through something I shouldn't of, I learned from that, biggest help in the recovery was progressive activity, and ultrasound therapy, i've also learned how to treat the occasional tendonosis when it pops up...The ITBand strap works...Calf Tear, I used Ultra Sound and it was helpful breaking down scar tissue and increasing blood flow. Massage is incredibly beneficial.

Anything else I'd like to share:

Always have a reason and a purpose :)

Best advise I ever received:

Pacing Oswaldo Lopez at Badwater he talked to me about having a champion's heart...That is something I hold close to me ;)

Favorite Local running or Biking store:

The Hub in Auburn, and The Treadmill in Carmel 

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