The Orange Mud Gear Laboratory is always brewing something good. We can only share so much, but here's the run down on some new projects in prototype stage now. 

  • The Gear Organizer - Sometime soon
    • This one is fun. Think high-end hardware, parachute webbing, then organize your stuff. This is awesome in a car, tent, the garage, or the kitchen. Simple, functional, and to the point. 
  • Soft Flask handheld, Spring 2019
  • Running Shorts, Spring 2019
  • Running Headlamp, Spring 2018
    • Many other top secret projects!
      • We've got some fun ideas in the works, can't share these yet.

      Currently launched

      • Everyday Bag, launched May 2018
      • Adventure Pack 12L, Orange, launched May 2018
      • Endurance Pack 2.0, Coyote Brown, launched May 2018
      • VP2, 2.0 Pink, launched May 2018
      • VP2, 2.0, launched March 2018
      • Endurance Pack 2.0, launched March 2018
      • Gear Vest 2.0, launched March 2018
      • Racing Drop Bags, launched May 2017
      • Gear Vest, launched May 2017
      • Adventure Pack 20L, launched May 2017
      • Adventure Pack 12L, launched May 2017
      • PFV, running and OCR pack, launched May 2017
      • Adventure Jacket - Launched, January 2017
      • Blackout - Modular Gym Bag, December 2016
      • Endurance Pack 6L - Launched June 2016
      • Orange Mud Hoodie - July 2016
      • Modular Gym Bag in Pink - Launched August 2016
      • Sling Bag - Launched February 2016
          • A perfect bag for a gym workout, cruising around an event, hauling groceries and more. Designed with elastic cords and plastic carabiner which keeps it compressed onto your body while during movement. 
        The Beast - Gear Hauler - Launched February 2016
        • Meet the big beast for hauling all your stuff around to events and travel or simply storing in the garage. 
      • "UHTP" Urban Hipster Trippy Pack - Launched October 2015!
        • Backpack meet Gatling gun. Where art meets function and yes it's overkilled in every way, just like we like it. 
        HydraQuiver Vest Pack VP1 (Single bottle system) April 2015
          • Similar to the current vest pack, except in a single bottle configuration. 
      • GearQuiver - March 2015
          • We've had a lot of request for a version of our HydraQuiver that is scaled down just to carry accessories, no hydration. 
      • "TMGB" The Modular Gym Bag - January 2015
        • Most gym bags are not organized well, bulky, don't protect your wetstuff, and well, quality just isn't there. This one is a whole different beast being about 20% larger than the normal bag, using high end hardware, webbing and materials, as well as being modularized. We're pumped about this! 
      • HydraQuiver Vest Pack VP2 - June 2014
        • The Hydraquiver with more material, more storage and a more common "vest" style design. We still love our single and double bottle configs, but for those wanting some more storage and a more traditional vest style fit, this is the pack for you. We have some other fun tricks up our sleeve on this one too, our friends in ultra and trail running will dig it! 
      • HydraQuiver 2014 Single and Double - Released!
        • More tweaks for 2014, around 40 at last count! Same footprint but a slightly longer shoulder area, elastic pockets for super stretch pack-ability, reflective logo, new bottle holder config, reduced weight, softer binding and some fun new materials. Colors, black, coyote tan, flight jacket gray, neon pink and fluorescent orange. 
      • Modular pocket for vest packOctober 2014
        • This is a complimentary add-on for the vest pack for accessory storage. 
      • Handheld bottle holder - September 2014
        • We've had a lot of request for this, so it's in the works and will be released soon, stay tuned!
      • Orange Mud Headband - February 2014
        • Pure awesomeness with this little beast. Simple, to the point, but different than anything else out there. Just wait!
      Got a fun idea? Suggestions for our current gear? Drop us a line at