Bought a HydraQuiver and want to know how to maximize it's use? 

The Loops - Once the pack is secure, there is a good bit of webbing left right? At the end of the shoulder is a small elastic loop, tuck the end in there and walla! Or if you really want it out of your way you can put it through the elastic loop in the back of the pack. One additional option is run with the pack, get the feel of it and be confident that you know the length required, then cut it off and sew accordingly. I'd suggest option 1 as the small loop it leaves is kind of nice to hang your sodium ridden hands on when fatigued late in a race/run.

Hydra!uiver Loop

The Reflective - Want to run at night? Need to activate our fancy 3m reflective web? Perfect, easy solution, go for a run in the dark, have someone behind you with a light throwing object. It lights up super bright for your safety! 

HydraQuiver Reflective

The reflective strip looks like it was intended for gels. Well it wasn't, but in a pinch if the internal storage and shoulder pocket storage isn't enough you can put them there. Though admittedly,it's a pain. Basically squeeze the gel to one side, slip it through the slot, then squeeze the gel so it's equally dispersed. The true intent of this was to be reflective, but also for a secure attachment of red led's at night, or towing a teammate via a bungee cord and carabiner (adventure racing mindset).

The Reach - Reaching the bottle is easy, yes anyone can do it. Can you scratch the back of your head? Perfect, you can reach the bottle. Many people with longer hair ask "will this bottle drive me crazy?" That's a great question. But from many of those that have given us feedback they usually put their hair in a bun and have no issue. Note that there is an adjustment on the outside of the bottle holder to adjust it downward to get the bottle further out of your way. 

Back Elastic Loops - There are two elastic loops on the back of the pack too. They can be used for a variety of purposes, but we use them most frequently for securing the sleeves of your shirt, then let the rest hang. This is especially useful when the fiery orb in the sky starts to beat you down on a long hot run. 

Intended Use - Running, lots of it. We've had racers do everything from short jaunts to 100 milers with our pack. Sure it only holds one bottle, but the storage in the pack and on the shoulder pockets provides ample storage for gels, safety, nutrition and other required items.  If there is no other source of water on a race course or training then you are limited to 24 oz. I've seen many carry hand-helds or just be strategic with their training runs so that water will be as required every 1 to 2 hours.