Trail & Ultra Running

Mud is in our name for a reason, let’s tackle some trails!

Pavement not your jam? Prefer to shred some dirt? Trails get us pretty excited too! Aid stations are not always as easily accessible when out and about exploring Mother Nature and no matter how short or long the distance, we have a pack for that. For the quick jaunt, our PFV is ideal! It’s super compact design has enough room for just the essentials: phone, flask for fluid, and the vest with a couple storage compartments, hence the PFV. Are you a true expeditioner that would give the original explorers from centuries ago a run for their money? Well, let’s do it and with a name like the Adventure Pack, you know it's meant for the long haul! Boasting a 12L or 20L capacity, 2L bladder with room for 3L in the 20L pack, and storage room for the multi-day expeditions, this is your ultra companion! Too much? Check out our Gear Vest (1L bladder) and Endurance Pack (2L bladder) line up for those in-between outings. Don’t like bladders? Our HydraQuiver Single Barrel or HydraQuiver Vest Pack 1 (one 24oz bottle) and HydraQuiver Double Barrel or the HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2 (two 24oz bottles) work seamlessly here too!


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