Social media and marketing strategy for race directors

We love to play in the outdoors and appreciate all you do to put on fantastic events. To help with ensuring you get the most out of your attendance and a significant activation with your base, here are some tips that we've put together that we've found to be successful in reaching our customer base. 


  • Create a Facebook Group for your brand and/or event. If you're event is XYZ events, create a XYZ Fan Page or XYZ Have you noticed that you're organic reach (amount of people that see a post without paying to promote it) is only a tiny fraction of your audience? Typical organic reach is only 0.5 to 3%. 
  • Live stream via Facebook/Twitter/IG. 
  • Mail a postcard, something simple like a 4x6 with a call to action can be huge! Think about how little mail you get now compared to even 5 years ago. You at least look at it right? If you got a $5 off coupon for sign up, there is a great chance that you're going to use it or at least keep it sitting somewhere visible for a good long while while you ponder it. So even if it's not used, that's a lot of "page impressions" per say! Bulk mailings with the post office can be done via an excel spreadsheet of addresses and is quite inexpensive compared to normal post. 
  • Create an ambassador team, managed through a Facebook Group. We love our ambassador team as they are an essential asset for shaping product development, grass roots marketing and brand awareness, organizational feedback, constructive criticism and more. 


  • Use the Business Manager in Facebook for creating Campaigns, Ad Sets, Ads. 
  • Promoted Post and paying to Promote Your Page. I'd suggest not as normal practice. If you have a post that is super relevant and you want to reach your followers, it can be very good, but don't use it as a standard practice to reach your audience. Instead use ads that allow you to target and test various demographics for a much better measurable result.