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11-4-13 HydraQuiver Review

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10-29-13 SUP SIP Review

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10-27-13 Transition and Seat Wrap Review

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10-26-013 SUP SIP, Wrap and HydraQuiver Interview

Board Rider Interview.

10-24-13 SUP SIP Review
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7-15-13 HydraQuiver Review
Trail Space Review - posted on
Summary-The Orange Mud HydraQuiver is good for anyone wanting a simple, stable, hands-free hydration solution and small pack for trail running or any physical activity requiring only a few essential items while moving. This is a solid product and I’ve enjoyed using it.....see the rest of the review at the link below.

4-25-13 HydraQuiver Review
Running Village Review - posted on

4-24-13 HydraQuiver Review
Trail Runner Nation Review - posted on

Orange Mud, a grass-roots-born company, has developed some really cool products for the trail running Nation.  These guys/gals have created products out of the need that they had while running.  Click HERE to listen to our audio review.

This review is focused on the Hydraquiver.  A very unique hydration system that combines a hydration vest with a water bottle.  These vests come in three colors: Pink, Black and Orange, and Gray.  This pack retails for $84.95 but they are selling the 2012 model for $65!

3-21-13 HydraQuiver Review

Review by - posted to and

Hand, waist, back… bladder, bottle… plastic, stainless… it seems that the options for hydration continue to expand with every new season. The reasons for this are simple: water is an essential part of our sport and a pain-in-the-butt to carry. While some folks get creative with water bottle drops and other trail-side solutions, most of us have to face the fact that we need to carry some water with us on a regular basis. And, thankfully, companies continue to try to give us options for doing so.

Orange Mud is a relatively recent entry into the market. Based in California, this small company is producing USA-made and endurance-athlete-specific products. Their current headliner is the HydraQuiver ($85): a single-bottle, back-slung pack....see the rest of the Review by, click here

3-13-13 HydraQuiver Review

Impact Magazine (Editor Chris Welner) - Calgary, Alberta Canada - in print or online here

3-24-13 HydraQuiver Review

Review by Shalaine A - Krebs, OK - posted to

Ran the firefly 5k in Dallas with our awesome orange mud hydraQuiver packs and loved them!!! Super easy access to our water bottles and so comfortable we forgot we were even wearing them!!! Thanks for an awesome product!

3-20-13 HydraQuiver Review
Review by Neeraj E - Boulder, CO - posted to

I bought the hydraquiver a few weeks ago and have run with a handful of times. The longest run being around 14 miles. I must say that I am very impressed with its overall performance. 

First of all let me just say that this pack doesn't bounce at all. Even when it’s fully loaded and I’m running downhill, there is absolutely no movement at all.

Initially, I had some doubts about whether I would be able to reach the bottle especially mid stride. But this isn't difficult at all. The bottle sits high on the back. If you can reach and touch the base of the back of your neck, you’ll be able to reach the bottle. Also, the mouth of the bottle storage is slightly wider which makes it easier to “locate” when storing the bottle. 

The storage in the back is adequate. There’s enough room for a few essentials and some food. The pockets on the shoulder strap are very roomy. Plenty of room for gels, etc. 

My other concern was whether the strap that runs under the armpit would cause chaffing. Fortunately, the strap doesn't rub or chafe. Since the pack fits snug (but not too tight) there isn't really any movement and hence no rubbing and/or chafing.

Basically, this is a great pack. I give it 5 stars. Can’t wait to use it over the weekend for my first 12 hour race.

Thanks guys!!

2-17-13 HydraQuiver Review

Review by Kari J - Phoenix, AZ - posted to

Ran the Lost Dutchman Marathon in Arizona today and my Orange Mud was my best bud!

1-15-13 HydraQuiver Review

Review by Lawrence M - Corona, CA - posted to

Did a 9 mile trail run during training for Calico Trail Ultra...gotta say the more I use it, the more I'm impressed. Already raved about it to some of my buddies. Looking forward to seeing more products from you.

12-18-12 HydraQuiver Review

Review by Planet Ultramarathon - PA - posted to

Here’s the skinny on a new hydration pack from Orange Mud: the Hydraquiver. As the name suggests, this bottle holster style pack resembles and functions much like an archery quiver. A funnel shaped opening provides retention for a twenty-four ounce, ergonomically designed bottle. 

The Hydraquiver has many features of a backpack hydration system including, food/accessory pockets on the shoulders, a larger pocket running under the bottle holster, and some reflective parts to help you be seen. I’ll admit to being skeptical at first. One of the main issues with hydration backpacks is the motion transferred from your strides to the pack. You know, all that sloshing around. The Hydraquiver sits high on the back and shoulders, has a minimal design and frankly after a mile or two I had no idea it was even on my back. Notably, I even found the presence of the pack to encourage better posture.

As for grabbing a sip of that sweet water, there was a bit of a snag. Similarly to an archery quiver, the bottle access on the Hydraquiver requires you to reach back over your shoulder. Naturally, this is not as convenient as putting a hose in your mouth, but it is manageable. Certainly after a bit of practice this motion could become easier. Returning the bottle to its holster is a smooth transition however; the bottle simply slides right into place. The people at Orange Mud definitely found a solid combination to keep the bottle snug and in place on the pack. 

Overall, the Orange Mud Hydraquiver is an effective hydration pack for those runners who do not need the 50-70 oz of fluid offered by most bladder packs. It is equally as effective for those runners who have been looking for a pack they barely know is hanging on their shoulders. The high placement of the pack makes for a snug fit with little transfer of motion. The one drawback to the Hydraquiver is the ease of access to the bottle. The motion of reaching back is slightly awkward, especially when in stride. However, the bottle easily slides back into place when returning to the holster, and fits just as snug and secure. 

If you’re in the market for a pack that loves you back, check out the Hydraquiver. The minimal movement fit alone is enough to make you want to hit the pavement.

10-23-12 HydraQuiver Review

Review by Jack L - Phoenix, AZ - posted to

A review of the HydraQuiver Solo - They always say not to try anything new at a race. A "what the hell" Half Ironman entry deserved a "what the hell" use of a new backpack too. Felt strange coming out of a transition area in a Half wearing a backpack, especially when they have a water stop every mile over the next 13. However, I had been drinking my own blend of coconut water and CarboPro the previous 3 hours on the bike and that was certainly not a beverage that was offered at the refreshment stands along the way. The HydraQuiver (HQ) has pockets on the top of the shoulders that held a gel packet or two apiece and were very easy to get to while running. The water bottle placement was perfect and didn't need any time at all to create muscle memory on how to access and replace the water bottle. The sleeve was initially snug and loosened up a bit with use to slide in and out easily. Now, the most critical part of the review for me - how does this thing compare to the waist pack that I've been using for the last 15 years? After having the HQ on for a few minutes, it pretty much left my consciousness. No bouncing, didn't hear any sloshing, and didn't feel the weight of the pack, even with a full bottle. The hollow webbing straps fit snugly (by design) around your shoulders and didn't cause any irritation. It's rare to find a product that does what it says it's going to do, right out of the gate. Waist pack and hand bottle holder have been retired and sent to an underprivileged village in the Ukraine. I'll be in line for the HQ Double when it comes out for longer runs, or in the warmer months in AZ, 45 minute runs when you might need two bottles.