Episode 13 - Don Reichelt

Ready to train for Leadman? Listen in to learn some tips, tricks, and how to suffer from endurance athlete and coach Don Reichelt!

Don gives us his take on how to train for Leadman, even if you aren't strong in both run and mountain bike disciplines. Don didn't even own a mountain bike until a few months before the race, but for some reason, that didn't scare him off. I'm sure many of you have tackled big events while not exactly being ready for them, just as he has done. So we'll dive into how it went, what to be prepared for, and how to complete a Leadman. 

Want to see a training plan for Leadman? Checkout this link. Thanks for sharing Don!

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  • Keys 100, 2nd place finish, May 2017
  • Leadman Finisher-2015
  • Tunnel Hill 100 – 4th place overall, 2016
  • Antelope Canyon 50 Miler – 3rd overall, 2017